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Janssen: to become a champion...

Fenerbahçe footballer Vincent Janssen, who was on loan from Tottenham at the beginning of the season, said "We have no shortage to be a champion"....

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Janssen: to become a champion...
Janssen: to become a champion... UAV Football News entry Date: 5.10.2017 12:31 Fenerbahce footballer Vincent Janssen, who participated in rental squad at beginning of season, said "We have no shortage to be a champion".

Dutch footballer, yellow-blue The club's newspaper in comments. "Frankly, our goal this year is to be champion as it is every year," said Janssen, 23. We need to focus very well on league because we won't continue in Europe this year. We're a really good team, and we have a good team. We have no shortage to be champions, "he said.

The full interview of yellow-blue football player is as follows:-first Welcome to Fenerbahçe Sports Club Janssen. Why don't you tell us about football and your influence on football?" I met football I was 5-6 years old, I started playing soccer with my friends. I felt a great pleasure playing football. That's why I kept playing football. Everyone convinced me to be a footballer. I love playing football. " -You came to Fenerbahce at beginning of season. What did you know about Fenerbahce before you came?" Before coming to Fenerbahce, I knew that or Dutch footballers were in uniform here. So I had knowledge of Dutch footballers who played here before about Fenerbahce. Kuyt played Van Hooijdonk, Van Persie is still playing now. So I had opportunity to follow summaries of matches occasionally. Fenerbahce was a very big community before I came to team knew. I was very happy when y contacted me. We had a nice communication process. It wasn't hard to convince. " -How do you define yourself as a striker player?" I define myself as a strong striker. Always a footballer who loves to help team, giving whole struggle in field, showing Eforu in most way. A footballer who likes to press, fight in field, help my teammates. I'm a striker who wants to contribute to my team with goals and assists. " -Every team has a competitive form to be first 11. What would you say about that? When you play in a big community like Fenerbahçe, of course this is even more of competition you're talking about. But this competition is in a way good for both team and footballer. Competition always leaves you having to be stronger and you have to assess best way when given chance. As I said, this competition is useful for everyone. " -Fenerbahce goals are championship in every season. We are most important candidate of Championship this year. What are you going to say about it in time you join team?" Frankly, our goal this year is to be champion, just like every year. We need to focus very well on league because we won't continue in Europe this year. We're a really good team, and we have a good team. We don't have any shortage of champions. " -Fenerbahçe fans are very fond of Dutch footballers for some reason. There are also examples; Like Van Persie, Dirk Kuyt used to be van Hooijdonk. What do you say to se players?" Each player is different. There are different features. The most important points I get from my example, y play as successful football as y are. Because I am very happy at Fenerbahce. I'm doing my best to succeed. When you fight well on field, success will come when you are struggling. I want to be successful in same way as taking example of ir achievements without looking at past. " -How did atmosphere in grandstand in Besiktas derby affect you? You made a penalty and scored a penalty goal. Can you tell me how your emotions were for se?" There really was a great atmosphere in Derby game. I'm so glad I'm part of win. Our fans have really been incredibly supportive of team. We certainly deserved to win game. It was important to win Derby in terms of continuing this race. It was our right to rejoice. When we consider matches we played in past, it was best time I ever lived as an atmosphere. " -Is it true that your mor is former world champion swimmer, and you have or athletes in your family?" Yes, my mor is a former world champion swimmer. My sisters are interested in swimming sports. My two brors were very high-level swimmers. But y're not going to go swimming right now. They're focused on ir schools, but one of my brors won medals at Youth Olympics in Baku two years ago. " -You were top scorer in Dutch league with 27 goals. Janssen can you be top scorer in Fenerbahce with this performance?" Frankly, I don't have a goal as a number. The priority for me is a good team in Fenerbahce to achieve goal of championship. I don't care if I'm a touchdown king after I'm a champion. The more I contribute to team, happier team can contribute to my goal. " -Is it early to ask this question yet but would you consider being permanent in Fenerbahce?" It's too early to make that assessment you just said. First of all, we need to see how this season will pass. Then you look at course. We never know when it's going to happen in soccer. " -Fenerbahce fans loved you very much. Do you have a message for our fan?" Thank you very much for support of Fenerbahçe fans. We work hard as a team. We will do our best to reach championship. What I want from our fans is that y continue ir support and leave us alone. "


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