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Jim Carrey, le clown de l’espace

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Jim Carrey, le clown de l’espace

The actor was in Toronto for a documentary centered around filming of "Man on moon" in which he played role of comedian Andy Kaufman.

Jim & Andy : Great Beyond - story of Jim Carrey & Andy Kaufman featuring a very special, contractually obligated mention of Tony Clifton. To present this documentary as endless at Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto, Monday, 11 September, y came to three. The documentary filmmaker Chris Smith, director of film ( author in past, in particular, of a film on Yes Men) ; filmmaker and clipeur Spike Jonze, his producer; and Jim Carrey, child of country that has become planetary star with films such as The Mask, Mad Irene, The Truman Show or Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, which for some years has like vanished from screens.

The atmosphere was warm. And after traditional formula of greeting sing before each screening of programmers of festival international du film de Toronto (TIFF), to thank aboriginal people to leave work and live on ir land, Jim Carrey has said its a joy to find this countries so serene, where people live protected by social security.

The film revolves around him. It is seen in footage shot in 1998 on set of Man on Moon, by Milos Forman. He played role of Andy Kaufman, comedian kamikaze tendency dada-punk band death in 1984. Kaufman is featured in situations that are emblematic of american way of life to make trip in a widespread unease — he played re also, by force of things, its evil twin, Tony Clifton, a character infréquentable, without superego, that he had invented to replace it on stage from time to time, or in media, who inspired recently, in addition, Tony Erdman Maren Ade.

never out of his character

To get as close to this artist, who had erased border between stage and life, Jim Carrey was put in head never to go out of his character, including between shots, which had given shooting a sharp turn for surreal, even nightmarish at times for a part of team. In alternation with images of archives of this adventure, an interview conducted by Chris Smith for movie shows Jim Carrey today, face hollowed out, eaten by a beard of an old druid, who looks back on experience of this film, admiration that it has been cultivated since childhood of Andy Kaufmann, influence that it has had on his art, and his life, and indirectly on spiritual path that he has made in recent years. Detaching it gradually from any notion of me, it is dream as a " floating freely on a chair in cosmos ".

in Front of audience, he hailed "great spirit" that was Andy Kaufmann, extraordinary courage that was hers, " a type of anor world ", " too large to play ". And expressed joy that he had idea that this movie does resurrect. And n it is packed : " lesson of The film is that it does not play characters, but re are characters that we play. And that, in end, this " we " does not exist. One is free ! Then fuck that ! ". In film, Jim Carrey talks about how he wanted to, since childhood, to become famous, how after debut of imitator (gifted, as he proved again on stage of Winter Garden Theatre) it got re, by inventing character of that idiot who propelled him to glory world. But while he had everything, he could not be happy.

" My self is dissolved gradually "

" a Lot of people have interpreted what I have experienced as a depression, but it has nothing to do. I started to get interested in idea of " Whole ", rejecting more and more of that, that is related to individuality. My self is dissolved gradually, in favor of a series of small epiphanies. I will continue to work as if life was real, even if I think it is not. I have sadness, joy, but se emotions don't stick long enough for me to overwhelm me. I see m as colors on a palette. "As revealed this was a short film documentary posted online (I needed colour, David L. Bushell), Jim Carrey spends a great part of his time and energy to painting.

He still plays in movies here and re, according to his desires. And has fun with media. Guest September 8 at a gala evening of fashion week in New York, he took over operative part of video interview on red carpet in front of a wall of logos in supporting young journalist, in a tone exceeded that this circus had no meaning, and that neir she nor him had no real existence. Tony Clifton could not have done better.


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