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Justice requires Carmena to suspend confiscate the act pro-1 Or the Slaughterhouse

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Justice requires Carmena to suspend confiscate the act pro-1 Or the Slaughterhouse

A candidate of Now Madrid convened event in favour of 1-Or in Slaughterhouse

The Court of Contentious-Administrative number 3 of Madrid has forced city Hall of capital to suspend cautiously act in support of referendum in Catalonia convened this Sunday in Slaughterhouse, an installation of municipal ownership. The PP had resorted to Justice to request its ban, saying that it was an event to make an "apology" of query suspended by Constitutional Court.

"We are greatly satisfied because car is great", has secured this Tuesday, leader of 'popular' in house of Cybele, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, after knowing decision of court. "Enough of that Manuela Carmena put red carpet at pro-independence illegal in this city," she added in an appearance accompanied by 12 of members of main opposition group.

The city Council has a term of three days to make an appeal to this temporary suspension and ir spokesman has announced that y will because, although y comply with decision, disagree with it. "freedom of ideology is guaranteed without limit by need to maintain public order", considers Rita Maestre.

The act pro-1-Or had been convened on 17th of September in Ship " Calves for Slaughter by platform to Locals for Right to Decide. The request for permission to use se public agencies, however, had been appraised at Meeting of District of Arganzuela, in name of Association, Commune by Peter Homes, who went on list of Now Madrid, in municipal elections of 2015 at number 41.

legal Argument

The Court of Contentious-Administrative argues in his car that "is not possible" an event that is "openly directed against provisions in Constitution be able to count on support of a municipality, ( ... ), who also has obligation to comply with laws". "This is a referendum illegal and, refore, acts of support may not be covered by action of city Council of Madrid", wields.

To support his reasoning, magistrate used even to several references including Magna Carta, among m one that refers to its articles, "is based on indissoluble unity of Spanish Nation". In addition, it recalls organic law regulating popular consultations, and notes that authorization for call is " exclusive competence of State."

The self argues, furrmore, that real estate owned by city have as ir "main function is to serve general interests, among which may not be included in any way, pretense of performing public acts in favor of a referendum to be illegal, suspended by Constitutional Court, and that attentive direct, clear, and seriously against unity of Spain, proclaimed in Constitution, as well as against sovereignty of Spanish people".


In City of Madrid argue, however, that authorization signed by Board of Arganzuela "do not make any reference neir to Law approved by Parliament of Catalonia on referendum of self-determination or decree of convocation of query" and, in fact, was given permission before any "political actions that have been declared illegal".

"Manuela Carmena, unfortunately, has had to be corrected by a companion of profession", he says, for his part, Almeida. "We have been criticized that acudiéramos to Justice, but we do not have left anor exit. This act was illegal and that mayor has lied to say that Now Madrid had nothing to do with his call: time has come that you stop taking hair to locals with se issues," he added.

In his appeal, PP argued that session on 1-Or organised by platform in Madrid for Right to Decide is of "extreme gravity" because "it would be an event in support of Act of Parliament of Catalonia 19/2017, as well as its implementing provisions, singularly decree of convocation of referendum of self-determination for Catalonia, suspended by Constitutional Court in providence on September 7, 2017".

Likewise, he argued that decisions of High Court "are binding for all public authorities and, refore, obliges municipal authorities of City of Madrid".



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