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Kizilay president Kerem Kızı, IFRC became the presidential candidate of the European region

Breaking NEWS-Turkish Red Crescent leader Kerem Kılı, International Red Cross and Kizilay Associations Federation (IFRC) European region presidential candidate...

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Kizilay president Kerem Kızı, IFRC became the presidential candidate of the European region
Kizilay president Kerem Kızı, IFRC was nominated for President of European Region AA Agenda News entry date: 18.10.2017 17:06 Turkish Red Crescent leader Kerem Kılay, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Associations (IFRC) announced that European region is candidate for president.

At Marmara hotel, local and foreign press members participated in meeting, world's strongest and oldest goodness movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to share an important agenda, he said.

The General Assembly will be held in ANKARA!

The General Assembly of IFRC will be held in Antalya in first week of next month, killer, General Assembly conducted every 4 years, as well as determination of new visions and strategies, with Global Federation heads, four different continents Presidents and board members.

Kerem Kırıkır, top management of federation was determined in General Assembly, said that previous period was done.

As Turkish Red Crescent community, y expressed happiness of having to host se legal meetings, killer said:

"Because next year Turkish Red Crescent Society 150. Will celebrate your year. So we're talking about a 1.5 centuries-old movement, and this 1.5 century-old move, a beautiful Tevafkla milestone, has coincided with our host in Antalya. Here, we will join ambassadors of good hands, sure hand, best hands, which are close to a thousand 500 from 190 countries of world. How can we relieve human suffering in this meeting? How can we protect human dignity? How can we deliver more help to people who need it? How can we increase durability of our own community to natural or human disasters? " We have no or agenda. "

The human anguish of world, especially war and conflict-induced human anguish, which has reached highest level since Second World War, said, "A party in world where we live cannot find enough food for him While struggling with hunger for poverty, anor party struggles with diseases that are caused by consuming more foods than y need, "he said.

' Red Crescent and Red Cross movement must have more words '

The killer said today that he wanted to share a story here, and continued:

"We have been nominated for European presidency in Federation elections that will be held in November this year, as 1.5 centuries-old Turkish Red Crescent Society in Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement of 1.5 centuries of confident hands movement. This world will be elected President of Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific and Europe zones, and a global federation president. We formally declared our presidential candidacy to Federation in Europe, where 153 countries are located. From process after 2005-2009 and 2013, we continue to membership Federation's board of Directors. In this sense, achievements and experiences that our association has made in order to ease suffering of world, in an individual sense, this individual position, experiences accumulated in world of humanitarian aid in more than 20 years and new We will strive to stimulate approaches. We have a very basic vision here, and that vision actually feeds on a 1-2-digit strategy. We say we need a stronger humanitarian sector to relieve human suffering. For this humanitarian sector, we say that 1.5 centuries-old accumulation, unfortunately, is not where Red Crescent and Red Cross movement deserves to be a shareholder. The Red Cross movement of Red Crescent is a big move. "

Voicing strengning of national associations for Rise of federation's latest strategic objectives, he said, "structural capacity increase in new structuring of Federation for formation of stronger national associations, transfer of accumulation of knowledge We think re should be a bridge at point of being, "he said.

By giving information about work carried out in Syria, Myammar, Somalia and Iraq, he expressed efforts to become a bridge to international humanitarian aid in Turkey.

Support for Idlib will continue

After meeting, journalists answered questions of Kızali, a question about prefabricated residences to be held in Bangaladesş, 24 thousand detached houses, Myanmar Red Cross to sign a cooperation agreement with region and said that it covers work y will do throughout.

In this context, creation of humanitarian warehouses in Arakan region, 10 Myanmar Red Cross Branch, has been pointed out that one of se studies is aimed at religious difficulties of Rohingian Muslims in Arakan region. They said y propose a long-term program to be purchased in logistics tools to deliver se materials to most extreme points and start with provision of urgent needed food supplies.

This program has also been adopted by Myanmar government and military elements in region, he said, teams have set out to reach region in this context.

30 thousand tons of aid to Somalia

Kerem Kınıkız, Somalia in last 2 years, two of each, 15 thousand tons of food in ship, support of medicines and medical supplies, in multidimensional studies, expressed that ongoing efforts to Yemen Gave information about help.

On a question about work y conducted with institutions in Europe, he told us that re are different institutions in European region and that European Commission and Red Crescent have a very positive relationship.

The question for studies conducted in Idlib also stressed that humanitarian situation in Idlib is unfortunately a very large drama.

"Idlib hosts internal refugees from Aleppo, Hama, Humus, Damascus, from different provinces. There are about 400 camps in Idlib today. These camps are very makeshift camps. Around 800 thousand people live in se camps. People living in se camps cannot produce anything, y need foreign assistance. "

In Idlib, aid of cross-border assistance with permissions given by United Nations and Red Cross Federation, and killer, is that se aids will take place, especially after removal of terrorist elements within region will continue to support all regions of Idlib, with infrastructure work and in point of construction work.


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