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Kurds in Kirkuk

President Erdogan, gave clear messages regarding the illegitimate referendum: there is no law of Kurds in Kirkuk. They are in the invader position there. Barzani and the avant will take his mind and give up this love. He's going to cancel the referendum. There is no validity of the work already done.

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Kurds in Kirkuk

President Tayyip Erdogan, return of Tehran answered questions of accompanying television players. Erdogan, particularly informal referendum of Ikby, invasion of Kirkuk and AK party, changes and renewal in important explanations.

 Iran visit...

The most important impression now, Turkey and Iran, should be decisive force in this region in solidarity.

 What n? What is turkey waiting for?

The sequel, Barzani and avant will give up this job. What y're doing doesn't have any legal grounds. It's already against international law. The Federal Parliament has to go through this; It's certainly not going to get approval from federal parliament. The Iraqi central government officially announced that.


 Is re a timetable for Turkey, which is determined by Ikby to take a step back?

We'll continue according to our road map. In this context, our respective ministers, our respective departments, continue ir work, interviews.

 Are you receiving a soft signal from norrn Iraq?

We haven't gotten anything like that yet.

 Is re a contact with Ikby, albeit at lower level?

Now our kind of contact is wrong.

 Is re a contact request from m?

The level of demand from m is important.


We'll take steps for Mosul.

 Whatever step Barzani assigns, satisfies Turkey?

It's a shot. He's going to cancel referendum. There is also no validity of work done already... Ikby's work does not even support anyone but Israel. So he has to finish job, he has no choice. Orwise, we'll have to take steps in a certain calendar. After referendum in norrn Iraq, a trilateral mechanism was established between Ankara and Tehran and Baghdad and we will take steps toger.

 The Kirkuk issue was a matter of provocation in referendum. Is crisis being asked to withdraw to Kirkuk-oriented ground?

Kirkuk is very sensitive. You know, Ikby, in general, about Kirkuk, this place wanted to create my air. However, it is regions that are featured. Therefore, no one in re can enter air of ' mine '. There are Turkmens once re, and when we look at history of Turkmens, re is a very serious right to past, but we are not in trouble of him or thing. We say we protect ir law, who lives re. But we know that Kurds have no law re. They're actually in squatter's position right now. They have power, and y've always been in effort to enter Kirkuk using that power. But right now, central administration will take necessary steps to Kirkuk. Iraq, Iran, negotiations are in progress. Whatever steps should be taken. We'll throw it for Kirkuk, and we'll throw it for Mosul. We will be with true owners of those who live re.


 is issue of moving border in terms of combating terrorism, by speaking with Central administration of Iraq, with benefit of current environment?

We are currently striving to preserve existing borders. We don't have eyes on or people's heels. That's thing. Ikby, who is in drunkenness of this referendum, does not know what he's doing, how he steps. It is impossible to understand that local government of norrn Iraq, which is surrounded by surrounding area, has taken such a stance on what it is relying on.

He'll take his mind, give up

You're looking at photograph, to right of former French minister Bernard Kouchner, French writer Bernard Henry-Levy to left. It's probably power he's taking. But name y throw is not a consequence. None of people who posed with him in that photograph made any statements about Catalonia. But when it's norrn Iraq, y can take a step like that because re are Muslims.


He's one who gave gas.

What did we say before? We will not create a terror corridor in South! We, as state, will not allow creation of a terror corridor re. The first is north of Syria. We said that to United States. We had a clear conversation with Mr. Trump. We said we'd be sure to intervene if something like that happens in south. Right now same goes for norrn Iraq. So he's going to take his own mind and give up this love. What happened to local government in re? Probably, y gave gas to road.

  • Clear messages to agencies and presidents
  • For some time, Erdogan also spoke about process of resignation of AK party mayors from important agenda items of public, giving clear messages to his party:
  • We're not a routine, habitual, ordinary political party. Our political party is also a case. The ones who have believed in this case, who have been given opportunity to resign to headquarters, can n continue to leave with anor friend. There are two methods of getting a job in municipalities. To be expelled from party or neglect or misuse of task. Of course we don't want to try se roads.
  • Well, when I'm being brought to a machine, why does it deny request to evacuate authority in cases I have defined as metal fatigue? The resignation or dismissal should not be seen as a problem in this case. I'm sorry if you say I have dignity, but honor of party is much more than glory of everyone.

Valve decision will give 3 countries

Erdogan, Russian president Vladimir Putin's "Oil prices in world will rise in event of cessation of oil exports from norrn Iraq" warned question, "Oil prices rise, better for Russia. Latife did it. If decision to close valves in area will be decided. Turkey, Iran and Iraq Central Administration, we will all give toger, "he said.



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