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McLaren and Honda are nalizing your divorce: how Alonso will mount again a Renault engine?

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McLaren and Honda are nalizing your divorce: how Alonso will mount again a Renault engine?

The japanese firm will accept to leave to team of Woking to change find gap at Toro Rosso, subsidiary of Red Bull, who lost to Sainz

McLaren is about to close a door slamming his unfortunate relationship with Honda. Fed up team from failed japanese engines, you have to sign divorce and cause a small earthquake in Formula 1. In next few hours, way of Singapore Grand Prix (Sunday), team of Fernando Alonso aims to confirm its change of partner, Honda, Renault, with aim of restoring competitiveness next year thanks to thrusters of French manufacturer. This swerve, breaking a partnership millionaire with nippon mark, it will help McLaren to get renewal of Spanish, who expected news to define its future.

Convinced that team from Woking has built a chassis with possibilities, Alonso had required a change of engine to continue. Not wanted to enter in 2018 again by dragging doubts of Honda, unable to company to ensure an evolution interesting for next season. In current, pilot accumulates nine withdrawals in 12 runs, with only 10 points in overall standings.

A curious compensation

what Renault promises best results? It considers spaniard, his team and, in general, all of Formula 1. The example is Red Bull, who in addition to having a car of good design takes years carrying engines of French firm. Alonso is confident that with se thrusters, podiums and even victories will be possible in next World.

In se negotiations to multiple bands, Honda will accept to leave McLaren to change find gap at Toro Rosso, team subsidiary of Red Bull. There want to continue to adapt to F1, without pressure that has been sustained since he returned to circuits in 2015, when Alonso changed his Ferrari for team that had been abandoned in 2007 after colliding with Lewis Hamilton and Ron Dennis.

Anor involved movement of chips will be Carlos Sainz, who would also be about to confirm his signing for Renault. The team of diamond is what has been demanded of Toro Rosso as compensation for breaking his contract engines.


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