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Misak-I Milliawakens

MHP leader Bahceli, Iraq's territorial integrity broke down, Turkey should use the rights arising from international treaties: when it arrives, when the conditions occur, the Misak-I national will awaken when the date becomes narrow in the geography. 81 just after Düzce, 82 Kirkuk, 83 in front of the right to say Mosul, no power will stop.

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Misak-I Milliawakens

MHP chairman of state Bahceli, party meeting of parliamentary group, informal referendum in Iraq, followed by table drew attention.

"Turkey in a difficult period, absence of a sharp and tiring cycle. The circle around us is shrinking, we must be aware. Turkey must come out of dark tunnel it enters. My belief is that he will eventually come out with solidarity with his hand. To accomplish this toger, we all have to get results toger. Orwise, it is misery and destruction for our nation, "he said.

What happened was a reckoning

The dangers encountered today were reached by conquest of Anatolia Bahceli, stating that "in fact, what happened is a sign of a complete showdown: The account of unclosed notebooks, undeleted hate, undepleted rage, forgotten defeats . Turkey is struggling for a very serious beka. About a century ago, maps drawn at table, now re-updating, are asked to be re-determined from beginning, "he said.


The garden, Iraqi fur, also addressed referendum on regional management.

The peshmerga will meet nightmare

MHP leader Bahceli, "a tribal leader, he can come out of line of independence by surpassing border. After pursuit of a crude dream, head of peshmerga will meet nightmare, insist, and he will surely find trouble. It should be known that 25 September referendum is preliminary work of four-part great Kurdistan, preliminary preparation, front door. It is not possible to remain silent in writing of our execution edict in front of our eyes, to show patience. " Bahceli, continued as follows:

"We do not dig well in our border," Mr. President's statement is very clear, summarizes stance of Republic of Turkey. Iraq's territorial integrity is indispensable to us. If re are any finger waving to Turkish nation, which is, we will break that finger to torso with his hand, or even cut it. "


We don't bluff

Stressing that y do not bluff, garden, if territorial integrity of Iraq is disrupted, Turkey must use its rights to end of international treaties, stating that "when it comes, when conditions occur, date is narrow to geography When it arrives Misak-I will awaken national; 81 just after Düzce, 82 Kirkuk, 83 will not stand in front of right to say Mosul, "he said. 

  • Peshmerga in Israel's rudder water
  • MHP leader State Bahceli, " September 25th referendum should be seen that no one in Iraq would benefit any group that lives in it. Peshmerga is in helm waters of Israel, where foreign forces are evil ambitions in region. Barzani's rope is in hands of ors. My Kurdish-rooted brors should see game now, make a move to spoil it, take initiative. Our bror in Erbil is our Kurdish descent, and our Turkmen bror in Kirkuk is entrusted to honour and honour, "he said.


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