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MSF returns to Kunduz, almost two years after the attack at his clinic that killed 42

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MSF returns to Kunduz, almost two years after the attack at his clinic that killed 42

At least 22 dead in a hospital afghan MSF after an attack that united states maintained despite being warned

US suspends military that attacked MSF hospital in Kunduz

ALBUM: A hospital in ruins

almost two years Ago that an air attack of united States destroyed by mistake hospital of Doctors Without Borders in Kunduz, north of Afghanistan. That fateful October 3, 2015 was a day of relatively calm after several days of intense fighting in provincial capital, in which taliban came to center of same, is given to pillaging and executed civilians, government employees and members of afghan security forces.

A battle that ended with 289 dead and almost 600 wounded between civilians and combatants, according to UN figures. A few days of bleeding, confusion, and fight building by building, according to reports in afghan Army, came to melee. The city of Kunduz had become a trap in which sanctuary MSF doctor attending to all combatants and civilians who came to its doors. The policy of organization stipulates that it must treat all individuals if y leave weapons, and so y did until that, "a human error-catastrophic", according to united States, seeded with iron, fire and death your medical center in capital.

"A tragic mistake", this was conclusion of investigation carried out by Pentagon to clarify why one of ir fighter planes, AC-130 "fired a total of 211 times during 25 minutes against complex of SPS". The crew of aircraft, whose responsibility it was a rebuke, "confused clinic with a building that was allegedly occupied by taliban", as it reads in report made by Washington.

In war, errors usually have to pay with life, and civilians are ones who often bear brunt. In this case "42 dead among members of MSF and patients" as well as " facilities of hospital destroyed," according to data of own organization. An error that forced MSF to abandon its operations in capital leaving, unwittingly, thousands of civilians homeless and without necessary access to a medical service worthy.

An error that MSF has started to correct on ir own and despite being of organization aggrieved with back staggered to provincial capital, starting with "a clinical day of first aid, with no ability for hospital and closed on weekends", according to Silvia Dallatomasina, head of MSF programs in Afghanistan. A small step with a view to return to capacity that y had in same in 2015, with hope to "cater to patients who are stable", he explained.

The MSF hospital after bombing on October 3, 2015. SPS

"The clinic will have a capacity for 50 people, although this will depend on influx of patients, and will be staffed with medical afghan and foreign", he added Dallatomasina, who also wished to clarify that it "will not be located in same complex in which was hospital attacked, that we do not have any relationship, and it is located in anor part of city."

MSF has decided to return to Kunduz because it ensures that both parties - Kabul Government and taliban - have y been given sufficient guarantees to operate in a city that, in se moments, goes to be under constant threat from taliban, which continue to move forward with a new offensive to take capital, and with it province. In fact, at end of July, jihadists managed to take district of Khanabad, which is gateway to neighbouring province of Takhar, and that is previous step, fundamental for a possible siege of capital, as already made in 2015.

"We have been negotiating for more than a year with all actors of afghan conflict, and although all agreements are not finalized, we believe that we have achieved necessary guarantees to protect our medical staff, patients, and facilities", explained Head of MSF Programs in Afghanistan.

despite fact that this is a small clinic with just capability, because "if patient is not stable or, what is same, is unconscious, has difficulty breathing or has a fever, you will need to be hospitalized in a facility that can deal with that type of emergency," Silvia Dallatomasina said that organization "you have planned for year 2018 to open a trauma hospital" as destroyed in 2015.

An announcement that, although he makes very necessary humanitarian aid to inhabitants of Kunduz need for coming year and without a fixed date, it is certainly a great news for capital and province, and finally, almost two years after "tragic mistake", will have hands free of an organization, MSF, which continues to set difference with your medical help in a conflict, afghan, that follows recrudeciéndose and in which, since 2001, have died 104,000 people and 41,000 have been wounded.


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