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New explanation of the removal of TEOG from MEB

Undersecretary of the Ministry of National Education. Dr. Yusuf Tekin evaluated the removal and later developments of the TEODG. Tekin, ' discussions about the education system in Turkey, unfortunately, is being edited through the inter-stage pass test. Examination systems Maybe it's a little nuance in this change. But unfortunately, this is very intense debate in Turkey, ' he said.

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New explanation of the removal of TEOG from MEB

Undersecretary of Ministry of National Education. Dr. Yusuf Tekin has a new statement on abolition of TEODG.

The Centre for Curriculum Studies at Ibn Haldun University met academics in "Workshop on Transition System assessment" in order to contribute academic contributions to te og's removal and following discussions.

Undersecretary of Ministry of National Education in workshop. Dr. Yusuf Tekin, Chairman of Board of Training and training, Alpaslan Durmuş, chairman of Ibn Haldun University, Prof. Dr. Irfan Gündüz, rector of Ibn Haldun University Prof. Dr. Recep Şentürk, Dean and curriculum of Ibn Haldun University Prof. Dr. Yuksel Özden, director of Center for Studies and many academics attended.


Undersecretary of Ministry of National Education said that system that focuses student's success should be abandoned, while transition to secondary education alone is not right speech. Tekin, among reforms in education system, described change of examination systems as a small nuance. On or hand, abolition of TEOG in two-day workshop and change in transition systems of secondary education will be deposited on table in all aspects.

"Unfortunately, this is very intense debate in Turkey"

We have been exchanging opinions with many different institutions and individuals in modified systems, "We are walking by evaluating pros, cons and application systems of our stakeholders. In 2013, instead of SBS, TEOG was staged with many different working groups, academics, journalists, intellectuals, political party representatives, education-related NGOs, teachers, administrators, students, children who were involved in transition to high school that year, We've done over 200 workshops with an incredibly wide range of parents, we have a problem. Discussions on education system in Turkey Unfortunately, examination is being edited through inter-stage pass test. Examination systems Maybe it's a little nuance in this change. But unfortunately, in Turkey, this is a very intense debate. The education system is changing so much that suggestion of transition from secondary schools to middle school to fill in process of trying to make it crazy to suggest that fact that education system in Turkey seems to be a suggestion that prevents change. You've already changed so much, do not change anymore, "he said.


Agenda of prime Minister Teog's replacement system description

"Today's debate is never a coincidence."

The success of student should not be test oriented Tekin voicing, "test-oriented achievement exam, examination of achievement of success of this Mantalitinin index is required to leave. In this reform debate, transition between stages can be a tiny piece if training reform process will enter into it. It's not right to talk about switching to middle school alone. As long as children have pressure from secondary school to higher education, child is 8. Even if she doesn't feel in class, she'll start feeling this pressure in 9th grade. Today's debate was never a coincidence, but president made some remarks about transition from elementary education to secondary school in same week and from secondary to higher education. This actually means sharing work of Ministry of National Education and yök with public. There were already walking studies on this subject, we will be a little more accelerated our work "said in form.

Advertising "We have to design our own training system instead of imported solutions"

"We must support decision makers," said Prof. Dr. Recep Şentürk, rector of Ibn Haldun University, who thinks it will not be right to bring imported solutions to education system. We should be lighting our people, youth and guardians in this regard and to support international data on quest in Turkey. There is indeed a real problem, we must contribute to solution. We believe that it is not right to propose a number of translation solutions, imported solutions. Hopefully, if we can design our own educational system, if we can build transition systems ourselves, n we will have accomplished something really big. Of course, heads are not clear in Turkey, "he said.

"There are four very important courses in schools to solve talent"
  • The student should be evaluated as a whole in education life of Ibn Haldun University Board of Trustees chairman Prof. Dr. Irfan Gündüz, "We are now discussing this because it is on agenda. I believe that elementary education should evaluate university toger after basic training. Our primary school should be evaluated with kindergarten and start at age of 4. We need to consider position to solve child's ability until she's 10. There are four very important courses in schools to solve talent, physical education, painting, music and writing, "he said.

The two-day "evaluation workshop for Secondary School transition system" in addition to development of TEOG and following developments on curriculum of educational institutions, for transition to secondary education, Assessments. After workshop, results of assessments will be published.


Agenda TEOG removed: Here is Turkey's ' TEOG ' history!

Play 01:19 Erdogan's description: need to be removed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ATV, A News Joint publication evaluated agenda. I do not want event of President Erdogan ' Ben Teog, who expressed wrong examination of TEOG. I find that wrong now. It has to be removed now ' statements. Comment

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