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New images of Adil Ogul emerged

Last minute news-a day after the July 15th coup initiative of Fair Orphan sought as a fugitive in the fatwa investigation, on July 16 at 12.12...

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New images of Adil Ogul emerged
New images of Adil Ogul emerged: 18.10.2017 14:12 update Date: 18.10.2017 14:32 A day after July 15th coup initiative of Fair Orphan sought as a fugitive in fatwa investigation, footage was recorded on July 16th at 12.12. In images, fugitive is only orphan and civilian imams of Feö are being downloaded from gendarmerie vehicle. The new images of fair orphan, captured after treacherous coup attempt on July 15th, emerged. On July 16th, he was released from an orphan uncuffed vehicle at 12.12. Here are images of orphan;

New images of Adil Ogul emerged

The Turkish-Turkish terrorist organization (Feö) directed coup initiative on 15 July 2016 and claimed to be Air Force Imam of Organization, with Fugitive Fair orphan and civilian imams Hakan Cicek, Nurettin fasting, Kemal Batmaz and Harun Baçı after capture of Gendarmerie New images were brought to main station.

13 soldiers in release of orphan, 14 of police headquarters staff and one former prime Minister counsel 28 defendants, Ankara 23. According to footage in case file, which was tried in criminal court, gendarmerie vehicle, which was caught trying to escape, was found in Fair orphan on July 16, 2016, at 12.11 Kahramkazan District Gendarmerie station connected to barracks outpost He's coming in from guardgate.

Adil Oocuk, clock is being downloaded from left rear door of vehicle in 12.12 without handcuffs. Apparently, black bag on orphan's hand is reflected in images. The flowers and fasting brought to police station are also downloaded without handcuffs from rear door of gendarmerie's light commercial vehicle. carrying a black material in his left hand

Hakan Cicek wearing a white shirt carries a black-colored material in his left hand, putting his jacket on his right hand to cover material on his left hand. Nurettin Oç is seen wearing a dark blue shirt. In rear part of vehicle, orphans, flowers and fasting, armed with gendarmerie personnel are taken to police station. The two passenger vehicles carrying a group of suspects, including Kemal Batmaz and Harun embarkation, are coming in front of gendarmerie guard12.32. The suspects downloaded from vehicles are being taken to police station on foot, with a black T-shirt and a bag on his back, and is reflected in camera without handcuffs. At 12.42, time of ride and boarding is seen handcuffed to each or.


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