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Nobel Laureates in Chemistry

Last minute news-the Nobel committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, is a high-resolution structure in biomolecules...

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Nobel Laureates in Chemistry
He found Nobel laureates in Chemistry AA Agenda News entry date: 4.10.2017 13:37 The Nobel committee of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, has developed KIRO-electron microscopy, which enables determination of high-resolution structure in biomolecules in solution "Dubochet, Frank and Henderson. Announced that it was shared.

"Dubochet, Frank and Henderson have been awarded this year's Nobel prize in Chemistry," academy said in a statement, improving display of biomolecules as well as facilitating KIRO-electron microscopy from advance. The method developed by scientists was beginning of a new era in field of biochemistry. Because powerful electron rays killed biological material, it was believed that electron microscopes were only suitable for display of dead substances. In 1990, Henderson managed to obtain a three-dimensional image of a protein at an atomic resolution in electron microscope. Thanks to work of Dubochet, Frank and Henderson, electron microscope was used in a much more efficient way. In 2013, atomic resolution goal was reached, and researchers can now obtain three-dimensional structure of biomolecules on a regular basis. In past few years, scientific literature has been filled with images of everything from proteins leading to antibiotic resistance to surface of Zika virus. A great rapidly evolving biochemistry awaits an exciting future. "

-Jacques Dubochet

Dubochet was a world in Switzerland in 1942. Dubochet, who is educated in Geneva and Basel, is currently continuing his post at University of Lausanne.

-Joachim Frank

Frank, who was a world in Germany in 1940, graduated from University of Munich in 1970. Frank, who lives in United States, works as a lecturer at Columbia University in New York.

-Richard Henderson

Henderson was a world in England in 1945 and graduated from Cambridge University in 1969. Henderson is continuing his studies in molecular biology at Cambridge.

Dubochet, Frank and Henderson will share prize amounting to 9 million Swedish krona (about 4 million lira). The three scientists will be awarded a diploma and a gold medal at award ceremony, which will be held on December 10th, anniversary of death of Alfred Nobel.

The winner of Nobel Prize for literature will be announced tomorrow. The Norwegian Nobel Committee will announce winners of Peace Prize on Friday, Swedish Royal Academy of Science at Economic prize on Monday.

NOBEL's Last Request

A year before his death, Swedish chemical engineer Alfred Nobel signed his third and final will on 27 November 1895. After his death, Nobel prize for creation of a reward for researchers who contribute greatly to humanity in fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace every year, he obtained from his own invention of dynamite and or explosive substances for 33.2 million The Swedish krona (about 19 million lira) donated 94 per cent of its wealth.


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