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o AB, don't engage us

Breaking News-President Erdogan: If you are not going to the EU, let me know. Don't let us keep you occupied, nor do we engage you. Let's tie the job....

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o AB, don't engage us
o AB, don't engage US HASAN AY Agenda News entry date: 18.10.2017 President Erdogan: If you are not going to EU, explain. Don't let us keep you occupied, nor do we engage you. Let's tie it up. They're not making a decision. We will not be ones who escaped from pulpit, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave clear messages to EU before EU leaders summit in Brussels on October 19-20. Erdogan, official visit to Poland yesterday in presidential palace by Polish President Andrzej Duda was greeted by a formal ceremony. After ceremony, two leaders, who conducted interviews between head and delegations, held a joint press conference. Erdogan, in a nutshell, said: Our solidarity with Poland is of utmost importance. By strengning this, I believe that our continuation is imperative. But re is Poland in EU. We're not in EU. Poland supports us. But year 63, year 2017... Turkey is still not imported into EU. However, many of countries taken in process after our application are not compared to us. When we put chapters on table, I would join leaders ' summit, for example, when I was prime minister. There were 15 chapters, and n y took se chapters to 35. Do you know what reason for extraction is? Turkey is not able to enter here. Some even said ' not a privileged partnership, some of m are not possible '. That's what I always say. I say, "If you're not going to take it, explain it to us, we'll keep you busy, and we won't let you get busy, we'll tie you up." They're not making a decision. We say, "We won't be ones who escaped from cushion," we expect ir decision. SCHENGEN Scourge There are good developments in tourism. In first 8 months of this year, 205 thousand tourists from Poland came to our country. I also know that Polish citizens have a conversation with Turkey. But if this Schengen thing is eliminated, n those who come from Turkey to Poland, Poland to Turkey will also increase. Because it's a separate nuisance, but if it does, n Turk will come here comfortably, and I believe that Polish will come to Turkey. They're still stalling us . There are no visas for Latin American countries. He goes to comfortable European countries. Turkey is a negotiator country, but Turkey cannot come. Is that ridiculous? There's a strange thing here. I say, from EU member States, friends, ' you have to express m. ' There's something like that. At end of 2013 se visas would be lifted, signatures were discarded. But from that day on, y're still stalling us. We are currently hosting refugees in Syria, Iraq and 3.5 million people, in our country. We accommodate se in tent camps, container towns and cities. The expenditure we've made so far is over $30 billion dollars. Do you have anything from EU? 885 million euros arrived I'll tell you last number. 885 million euros in support came. But figure to be given to us would give 3 billion euros in our 2016 me. They were going to give a plus 3 billion euros by end of that year. We're still re. There's nothing else coming. We will continue to give and provide all kinds of food, health, educational aids to those who are staying here in Turkey with ir own facilities. You can see situation in Syria right now in our south, you hear. What happened in Iraq is obvious. On one hand, we have to take precaution of this war on our border. Because we're being harassed, threatened. Friendship Monuments We have a proposal to establish Polish friendship monuments. We will carry out any support we can with se issues in Poland by means of Tika. These will be symbols of our friendship, our solidarity. Polonezkoy Invitation President Erdogan invites his counterpart, Duda, to Polonezkoy, "We know Poland better than Polonezkoy in our Istanbul. We have a Polonezus village, a very delicate, very charming village. Mr. Duda, when he arrives in Turkey, we go re toger. I want you to see it in place. I heard it, it says it's nice. It's not enough to hear. I'm telling you, come see, you'll be much happier when you see it. Cute, like a boutique neighbourhood, village said.


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