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Otegi calls to the PNV that choose "to be with the Civil Guard" or "Cataluña"

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Otegi calls to the PNV that choose "to be with the Civil Guard" or "Cataluña"

The coordinator of EH Bildu ensures that it is time of launching basque state

The coordinator of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, has noted today that PNV must "correct" its position as it believes that "you are eir with Civil Guard", and "with those who are willing to close public media" or "with Catalan people and its institutions".

In an interview in Euskadi Irratia, Otegi has been pointed out that Government "never intended" that situation in Catalonia "would get to point" current and "has designed a strategy" based on "that Guardia Civil requisition ballot," or "threats" to "Catalan Parliament" and to public media.

In this sense, leader of coalition of pro-sovereignty has asked PNV if se decisions "are provided or not provided" and has underlined that for EH Bildu "it is clear that a Government so you can not sustain".

In his opinion, at this point y are in "same place" president of PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, and spokesperson of Basque Government, Josu Erkoreka, and "both play a lamentable role".

Has considered Catalan people "has already disconnected emotionally from Spain" and it has raised "a motion of censure comprehensive and democratic regime of 78".

"Euskal Herria is not time to reform its Statute," said Otegi, who has opined that with manifestation that platform Gure Esku Dago held next Saturday in Bilbao concludes "phase of solidarity" and "now it is necessary to put in place a basque State".

To do this has announced that EH Bildu will work for constitution of a "historical block" with ELA and LAB to carry out that path "because PNV is not possible."


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