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Phase Two! 21 to be made

Last minute news-the world's longest 3rd wall of the Syrian border, Oren Toki, 15 meters high and 7 meters to control the border line...

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Phase Two! 21 to be made
Phase Two! 21 Entry Date: 6.10.2017 07:56 world's longest 3rd wall of Syrian border, Toki, check border line 15 meters high and 7 meters in diameter, 21 ' Kulekol ' is building.

The construction of observation towers called "Kulekol", which is 15 meters in diameter, is 7 meters in height after 144 kilometer border wall, which was built on 688 kilometer wall on Turkish-Syrian border and Iranian border.

According to Bülent Aydemir newspaper Haberturk, high-security observation towers that will be placed between boundary wall at certain intervals, a 10-man military team can meet all sorts of needs and sustain his life. In order to intervene in emergencies, Pasavan roads are also being made at 10 kilometers along security line.

To change equation In scope of anti-terrorism measures, second stage of high-security wall knitting project was passed on border line. The firewall was heavily woven into Syrian border as a straight line. Toki, which was previously made by governors of approximately 250 kilometers of masonry, undertook work of knitting and quickly finished entire wall.

After finishing 688 kilometers long wall on Syrian border, Toki began construction of a 144 kilometer border wall on Iranian border. Now height of this wall is 15 meters, diameter of 7 meters "Kulekol" is being made. Prevention of illegal crossings and terrorist infiltration from Syria is crucial to project in terms of making border safer.

The border line in provinces of Gaziantep and Kilis will be held in total 21 units. 18 of m will be on Kilis-Gaziantep border line and 3 in Gaziantep-Karkaman border line. In addition to swimcrafts, especially mined areas and deaş, while laying down hand-crafted explosives, roads are constructed to pave way to traps.

By means of se roads, which will be held at 10 kilometres intervals, through risky terrain, soldiers who reach firewall can intervene at any point along border line.

5 floors, shower Any material that soldiers will need will be included in towers. The ground floor of observation towers, which will consist of 5 floors along with floor, has a shower and a gun. The 1st floor was designed as a system room. The glass of towers, which is also firing range, are bulletproof.

There will be ovens and or life apparatus on 2nd floor designed as a solid life. The 3rd floor will be used as a surveillance floor. prefabricated towers; 4 modules consist of 5 pieces including wall elements, 1 module, flooring and parapet.

Wall 30 centimeters The floor is designed with structural steel system on floors of towers with a thickness of 30 centimeters. When subjected to a bomb load, Prekast flooring elements were seated in 10 centimeters thick to secure observation terrace. Galvanized trapezoidal sheet Coating was made on steel roof.

In reinforced concrete enclosure around tower, 10 tons of stainless steel and package Hydrophore, 10 cubic meters of septic. The energy needs of towers will be provided by generators placed in nearest outposts.

Moving elsewhere If security issue is eliminated in area where y are found or when needed elsewhere, towers will be moved and re-established for intended purpose. The border wall, roads and all of towers are indigenous; It is being constructed by Turkish firms. This giant project, which was undertaken by Toki, cost 700 million TL.


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