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President Erdogan: Bigger scenario is on the circuit

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 40 in the presidential complex. He spoke at the Muhtarlar meeting. Noting the terror threats faced by Turkey, Erdogan, ' we have been faced with a new and bigger scenario for a while. The goal is to divide our country, he said. Criticising the Kirkuk statements of the northern Iraqi administration, Erdogan noted that humanitarian aid will be forwarded to the central government as a result of sanctions imposed on Erbil.

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President Erdogan: Bigger scenario is on the circuit

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, presidential complex in 40. He's talking at Muhtarlar meeting. Erdogan's speech highlights following topics:

We are with you with 40th of our Muhtarlar meeting. We are close to 20 grand on this road that we have come toger to gar all our more than 50 thousand of our Muhtaran in our country. Our goal is to come toger with all our Mukhtar until November 2019. 2019 we will continue our meeting after vault. 19 October muhtarlar Congratulations on your day.

The traitors are now accountable in front of justice

On July 15th, traitors were unable to reach ir ambitions. We have once again riveting unity and brorhood. These traitors, who have failed, despite all cruelty and infamy y exhibit, are now accountable in front of justice. Everyone who is convicted in cases that gradually begins to conclude, is punished by degree of treason. The ones who have fled abroad will never leave m to mselves, until y are sentenced to punishment y deserve. Wher it be domestically or abroad, none of those who make this betrayal to Turkey and Turkish nation will be able to face rest of ir lives. The Charlatans who have invaded our country, attempted such infamy to enslave our nation, ruined ir world and ir hereafter, will not be able to save ir rope.

Advertising Turkey faces a terror siege

Turkey is struggling with many organisations and not just fetus. Turkey faces a siege of terror. It is impossible for anyone to betray this country when you reveal will. All Mukhtar will do this struggle for Allah, for this farland and nation. These authorities are all temporary. We'll leave se missions in morning. The place we are going is a tomb. They're going to say it to or person and bury us re.

We are faced with a bigger scenario

In or countries in our region, y tried to put game in treatment, but y did not achieve ir goals. We've been dealing with a new and bigger scenario for a while. The goal is to divide our country. Turkey is not mere 80 million.

Where victim is oppressed, we're re

There was a terrorist act in Somalia. Around 300 people were killed. Hundreds of people are injured. Who ran re? Turkey. Where are or countries in world? When it comes to words, y leave nothing in middle. Don't you have planes, surgeons, doctors? It's a work of being a sufferer. We have a problem. Where victim, oppressed, we're re. We can't stop. This is no ordinary job. For him, we act with awareness of this responsibility. If you bring toger world's greatest armies, you won't find your balance. It's anor love.


What do y call us, ' What are you doing in Syria, what are you doing in Iraq? What are you doing in Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia, North Africa? " This is our answer to se unknowing, all geographies in east and north of Ankara, as well as all geography in west and south of our heart, is or side of our heart.

Regional management is responsible for every spilled blood

In first Gulf War, when our Kurdish brors in norrn Iraq faced massacre, we immediately opened our borders. Likewise, we opened door to 250 thousand people who fled turmoil in Iraq and came to our country. For Turkey, none of this is Zul. We don't have any financial expectations.

Why is Turkey today facing norrn Iraqi administration with this degree of conversation and helping to close border crossings and airspace? The answer to this question must be given by norrn Iraqi regional administration. Because we're not ones who brought it to this point.


Without regard to structure of different identities of region, such as a hysteria and an opportunity to act in a rush of action, those who will be accountable in front of date. He's getting up, he says, "Kirkuk's mine." And you say, "Kirkuk is mine." Do you have history in Kirkuk? What are you doing in Kirkuk? Sit in area of north Iraqi local government, do your deed. What are you doing in Kirkuk? You know who has right to be re. They tried to discipline se people, unfortunately, with my stash. For this reason, every blood spilled in Iraq is responsible for regional management.

Nothing enters Erbil

Now, from above, food, medicine, clos, that's not going to come anymore. The airspace is closed now. No more flying from Erbil, because we're most important airspace. We were food to central administration, and so on, we'll send your needs re. Central Administration will make necessary assistance to people of norrn Iraq. Our sensitivity to humanitarian point will continue, of course, but we want public to see what is brought to head of norrn Iraqi local government. We want public to give m lesson.

Advertising One night we come and we do what we need

We are not permitted to use PKK, Deaş, Syria, YWG in field of savings. When place comes, we'll come out of blue one night.


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