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President Erdogan: The EU did not free circulation, the world was destroyed by us

President Erdogan speaks at the meeting of the Provincial presidents of his party.

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President Erdogan: The EU did not free circulation, the world was destroyed by us

President and AK party leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended expanded provincial Presidents ' meeting at headquarters of his party.

Here are descriptions of Erdogan's remarks, which are as follows:

"Every day we encounter a new situation, assault, tactical attack. I see some of se attacks to distract us from our area. Those who did not compress turkey with terrorist organisations began to enter field mselves. They're blocking our free-roaming rights in Europe. The Help for immigrants is not actually done. Visa applications to United States are suspended. Continuous negative speculation about our economy is being produced. PKK terrorist organization re-commissioned. We failed attack process through feraseti of our people in region.

Turkey is a political, social, diplomatic, non-kneeling in all areas, a new game is emerging. Europe did not free roaming and world was destroyed? Still stalling, but we're being patient. You're going to run away from this cushion. If you're honest, do it and let's finish this. We don't need you. There's a proper need.

Turkey continues its path again, no worries will continue. As we will not forget what happened with us in this difficult time, we will not forget ones who wore our feet. We are very uncomfortable with se two-faced attitudes of some states that we call allies against our country. When we come face-to-face, ugliness of all kinds of games that give us all assurances of any kind is no longer concealed. This spear is no longer fit in this sack. We see how quickly y can give up se concepts when y come to place of democracy lessons.

In world, y are supporting YWG terror organization, which is target of Deaş. What is intention of trying to create a terrorist organization or state in norrn Syria? What could be goal of giving m money when we can't get a gun with our money? We know what that means.

We started a Astana process. We said, "We can come in one night." Then our Turkish armed forces launched operation with FSA in Idlib. "


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