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President Erdogan to the EU rest: Minderden you will flee

President Erdogan speaks at the provincial Presidents meeting. The EU has been waiting for Turkey for many years in the accession process, the president said, ' We are not the cushion, you will flee. If you're honest, do the explaining, let's finish it. " Erdogan, who was evaluating the operation of the TSK's Idlib, ' one night we said we could come in a sudden, and last night there began operation ' statements.

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President Erdogan to the EU rest: Minderden you will flee

President Erdogan speaks at provincial Presidents meeting. Erdogan's remarks are as follows:

"Turkey's most serious struggle against Deaş is trying to be shown side by step with terrorist organisations.

PKK terrorist organization re-commissioned. We failed attack process through feraseti of our people in region.

Those who did not defeat strong Turkey attempted a new initiative on July 15th. "

"They are futile"

"Those who want to isolate Turkey from west and whole world are struggling in vain.

In Serbia, it is not possible to express conversation with our country and our people in words of intimacy.

Relations with EU

The European Union is waiting. We're being patient. You're going to run away from this cushion. If you're honest, do explaining. We don't need you.


Operation of TSK's Idlib

We were hoping we could come over one night, and he started operation with FSA at TSK Idlib tonight. We have to take our precaution.

Conflicting description of Kilicdaroglu

No one can tell us why you did operations we did. But remember, it's not in this country, but also number of Kilicdaroglu outside country. On one hand, you're going to support soldier's deportation, and you're going to say "Erdogan" in Idlib. What are you, ignorant man?

The perpetrators of norrn Iraq are certain. I hope we bring m back to day, and we'll put m in face. Talafar, where 400 thousand Turkmen is. But all se people escaped from re, except for 10,000. 100 thousand were in our shelter. We're in mood for ir troubles.


We can't tell us what or what. We do not carry mentality of Kilicdaroglu. They don't have a problem with that. We have nothing to talk to se people who are unwary, ignorant enough to say that I will pay for every martyr in Idlib. "


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