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Prime Minister Yildirim Stadium gospel of the Ankaragucu

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, 19 May stadium 8217; NI, will build a new stadium with capacity of over 50 thousand to host international competitions, he said. Yildirim, Esenboğa Airport 8217; direct flights to the overseas reported.

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Prime Minister Yildirim Stadium gospel of the Ankaragucu

Ankara's capital was 94. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, who participated in programme of anniversary, stating that Ankara is city of Gazi, night of July 15 , Darbeci, who narrowly, challenged, spirit of national struggle to resurrect all He said he was a great pleasure to brea same air as Ankarans.

On this occasion, martyrs of Allah, who died on July 15th, wished for health of veterans, all heroes of national struggle and all martyrs who gladly gave ir life for this country were condemned.

The capital states that capitals are symbol cities in each country Yildirim, each of which has a distinct meaning and significance in cities of "capitals" expressed adjective.

Konya, capital of Ottoman city of Seljuk, Bursa, Edirne and Istanbul, has taken important responsibilities in establishment of Republic of Turkey, as well as capital of Ankara, a new vision and The representative of future, Yildirim said, "Ankara is a city so important that our national struggle, Istiklal Harbi was planned here, led from this city. Turkey's Grand National Assembly opened in Ankara, where foundations of Republic were laid in Ankara, "he said.

"One of most well-represented cities in last period of Turkish history"

Yildirim, Ankara's responsibility for liberation war, country is name of city that pioneered invasion, he noted.

Yildirim, which pointed out that Ankara was center of election in struggle for independence, n capital of city, geographical, historical and social features of this town was closely related to:

"We're talking about a city and a center that has been on main route of world for four thousand years. In Ankara, we are talking about a place that hosts very important civilizations. Today, one of cities representing best and symbolizing last period of Turkish history of thousands of years is Ankara "

Prime Minister Yildirim, Hacı Bayram Veli, Turks after conquest of Anatolia in this geography of me of spiritual leaders stressed that one of most important.

Ankara's archaeological ruins, historical riches, cultural accumulation and symbol of modern time to be one of prominent capitals of world with many works, indicating that it will continue, Yildirim, said:

"Ankara will continue to be a good example for our or cities. Our mayor told guests who were present here with a large visual presentation, with all details of Ankara's previous version and after what was done. God bless anyone who has ever served stone on stone for Ankara and our country. We thank everyone. We thank mayor for ir service. "

 "60 billion investments were made to ANKARA"

Yildirim, along with Ankara, said y have been striving for development and development of all 81 provinces for 15 years.

Ankara has been investing 60 billion with AK party governments, and Yildirim, noted that:

"We're just talking about government's central investments. The or investments of our municipality are not included in investments of private sector. We made Ankara capital of fast train. The high-speed railway station also brought a symbol to Ankara. We now connect Ankara to Sivas. In 2019, hopefully, after Ankara-Eskişehir-Istanbul-Konya, Sivas will be able to take a quick train. We will reach Sivas in 2 hours from Ankara. Hopefully in 2019, we will be connecting Afyon and Usak to Ankara in same way as a fast train. In this way, Ankara-based, 14 major cities, almost one-third of our population will have opportunity to reach our big city with a fast train. "

At moment, total amount of Poje started for Ankara and continuing to say that 25 billion Turkish lira Yildirim, "from Ankara to Kirikkale, and from re we made a highway tender to Delice. We have made this highway tender, it will be completed in a short time with ' Yap-operate-devret ' model. Thus, Ankara's canals opened to Anatolia, Souast and Mediterranean will be expanded furr, "he said.

"We will build 19 May stadium as a new stadium with a capacity of over 50 thousand to host international competitions," Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said.

Ankara-Niğde Highway project, stating that tender, Yildirim, 360 kilometers long project "Yap-Operate-devret" model will be performed.

The project started to be completed in a few years, Yildirim said, "Thus, Ankara to Konya or furr south, Antalya, Mersin, Adana, Gaziantep and Urfa direction, that intense traffic flows between Ankara-Kulu Direct highway will be lowered to South and Mediterranean, "he said.

Prime Minister Yildirim, Ankara, May 19 Stadium, international standards to host competitions, 50 thousand spectators to build a new stadium in capacity stated. Voicing this decision, Yildirim, Ankara wished to be good.

"We have brought world's most admired projects to our country"

The targets for Ankara were planned according to 50 and 100 years later, Yildirim said, "We have gained projects that world has admired in our country, we continue to win."

Yildirim, 2008 World economic crisis, recalling following said:

"It's been about 10 years. The crisis continues, not done. But in 10 years, 10 big projects are being made in whole world. We call ' Mega project ', 10 projects that we call ' Brand project ' were made or done. Five of m belong to Turkey. Five of 10 major global projects belong to Turkey. Osmangazi Bridge, Istanbul-Izmir motorway, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Canakkale Bridge, Eurasia Tunnel, Marmaris and largest new Istanbul airport in world. In addition, many transport, hospital projects and or projects continue as planned. "

Ankara's capital is 94. For anniversary, Yildirim, who gave news to ANKARAGUCU, continued:

"The road to capital's airport, village Road, square of Ankara, was like village square. The barracks are crossing plane. It was nothing to do with Ankara. We made that modern terminal in a short time. In fact, when one of former politicians got off plane and walked in, ' My son, you brought us to wrong place, I was going to Ankara. ' ' This is Ankara ', he couldn't believe it. "

"It's not about money.

"CHP's Esenboğa airport terminal for absence of great resistance," Yildirim, voicing following assessment:

"You're squandering state's money. What's need for terminal. Who's going to make you rich? ' The terminal we built as a build-operate-Devret has passed number of passengers we guarantee in first year. We started taking half revenue from passenger. That was our contract. ' Even job, sword of bird. ' It's been 14 years, and it's over. We rented it again. Now we've got a lot of money from re. That's how it works. How do you do it? Is re money? It's not about money. As long as you know how to work. You're going to build a resource, work without a public burden.

Sir, y say ' you're making expensive expensive bridges, making roads, airports, hospitals... You pay as much as world. ' In 15 years, we have made 157 projects from non-budget sources of $48 billion. The amount of resources payable to public during operating time of se projects is 70 billion. How much are we going to pay? $12 billion. We'll pay $12 billion as a guarantee. We'll get $70 billion in return. Where are we transferring resources to ors? I'm afraid he speaks, and he doesn't know. "

Yildirim, Esenboga Airport's overseas flights pointed out that re is a slight "re are currently 11 flights, so re are 11 destinations, which is not enough for a capital. We talked with Turkish Airlines, launching new flights as soon as possible. First flight to Franfurt on October 29th, n Vienna, Berlin, Paris. Be auspicious, "he said.

Prime Minister Yildirim, speech of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, "Ankara Capital and eternal capital will remain" reminded promise of.


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