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Put paraliza a free kick

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Put paraliza a free kick

The argentine, bigoleador, collapses to porter Italian in clear triumph of team of Valverde in front of runner-up of Champions

Rakitic, imposing, remachó to a Juve where defrauded Higuain and Dybala

re is Always a moment in which one has to sit still. Without batting an eye even. As if re were no or way to pass unnoticed to harassment of time. The studs of boots Gianluigi Buffon were nailed on lawn of Camp Nou. There planted re was not a simple player, but a totem inside of which dwells one of best goalkeepers ever. Buffon, in his 39 years, in his battle against dark, was stopped, this time to Messi. It was cancelled in three games. But never a remedy it is eternal in front of argentine, bigoleador and torment, to legend of Italian. [Narration and statistics (3-0)]

That Barcelona would capture first win in premiere of Champions league against last finalist, and executioner of cycle of Luis Enrique, reinforces desire for reconstruction in Camp Nou. And that is that game posed by Ernesto Valverde still has traits adolescents represented by beardless Dembélé, who premiered ownership of which was deleted because Deulofeu.

re Were constraints, of course. The Juventus of Allegri had to endure up to six absences, among m anchor of Khedira or guerrillas, as Mandzukic or Chiellini. Bonucci now lives in Milan, and Dani Alves enjoys life along with Neymar in PSG.

Squeeze cage

Not only that, team 'bianconero' penó in a bad way lesion of lateral right handed Sciglio, preamble to goal opening of Messi. Thus, little could criticize a team that has threaded last six leagues of italy and that, in first 28 minutes, had up to four clear chances to break down door of Ter Stegen. The own De Sciglio, Dybala, who only appeared at beginning and at end, Pjanic and Higuain, once again terrible in front of Club, were left in middle. And re ended resistance of Vecchia Signora, unable to sustain onslaught of a man who was more flea than ever. Drain cage was this time thing of children.

Before that Barcelona kept ball and did second act is a monologue, team struggled to explore new paths drawn by Valverde. As he did in last derby against Espanyol, coach from extremadura employed that drawing asymmetrical with which has revitalized footballers invaluable with Luis Enrique, as Jordi Alba, now master and lord of lane left-handed, or Rakitic, freed from ir work as bodyguard of Messi.

Luis Suárez broke during some phases of match from extreme left-handed, even though his natural habitat was balcony area, very close to ten. While Dembélé, glittering in first time, and exhausted physically and emotionally in second, stepped on cal to right bank. With fortune of knowing you, to his back, power of Semedo would be enough to correct any lapses.

Buffon, helpless on grass after 2-0, work of Rakitic after move of Messi. REUTERS

The players of Barcelona are still trying to decipher that a good handful of new concepts, but in meantime, talent monopolizes game. You have left to Andres Iniesta, who saw how Camp Nou stood to applaud him. It is still your captain. And your game refuses to end of journey.

Depression of Alex Sandro

Messi is 30 years old. But its football, far from diminishing, continues to grow. The match was always in his head. And in that loot left with one who snuck ball between legs of Benatia and paralyzed Buffon right in sunset for first time.

he would not stop argentine. Depressed Alex Sandro also in band and forced defense to Italian allow Rakitic completed his big game with second goal.

Juventus, many times large areas, so often impassable in spaces, allowed steppes that Messi rode road to underworld. Enraged to see how referee warns per claim -included touch referee - a card to Pjanic, argentine squeezed his wrath. And Buffon, who blessed wood, he returned to stay still in third goal. No longer is ir war.


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