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Reggaeton colombian conquest of the planet

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Reggaeton colombian conquest of the planet

J Balvin, Maluma, Sebastian Yatra or Manuel Turizo advance undaunted towards top of global lists of successes

The reign of Slowly, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, two puerto rican artists, begins to falter to a competitor that until less than two years ago was devoted to or pursuits musical. Colombia progresses unstoppably towards top of charts around world with his interpretation of reggaeton. A rhythm urban, who was born in Panama, broke out in Puerto Rico and that colombians are shaped with pop, electronic, and local folklore to set up a new global empire.

J. Balvin (Medellín, 1985) got first victory for his country in August, when replaced in number 1 of world list of Spotify to Slowly, perched in that position for 14 weeks in a row. The message of My people, a fusion of reggaeton and electronica, anticipated victory: “I make music that entertains, world loves me”. The climbing up to this peak has been driven by ir countrymen. Since beginning of year, a me of colombian reggaeton has a place among 50 most played songs of international ranking of platform of music. (See table below)


José Álvaro Osorio, real name of artist, began with task of rebuilding Latin pop since I was very small in Medellin, a city with a strong alternative scene, hip hop, metal and punk, and a great fondness for tango. “I think I do what Drake did in industry”, explained in an interview in The New York Times. “I came in with melodies and different lyrics, from a different place... reggaeton is from Puerto Rico; Drake is from Canada”. For your music to come out of Latin America changed foundation of reggaeton.

The artist has not betrayed Daddy Yankee, leader of first wave of this rhythm, which he considered to be Jay-Z of genre. It takes a decade learning his teachings and adapting m to a consuming public immediately on Internet. Not averse to aestics of rapper american surrounded by women with little clothing, jewelry and luxury cars. Does not modify basis of this rate, combined with tropical sounds and delivery to icons pop as Pharrell Williams. 

reformulation of this music has been allowed to pervade across all types of audiences from countries as diverse as Greenland, or Great Britain. 2014 to June 2017, share of listeners of genre increased by 119% in Spotify. The pop went up 13% in same period. "Colombia and Puerto Rico have been heard around 7,500 years of reggaeton", by adding up total hours of listening, to explain from music company. "While rest of world, about 140,000”.

“reggaeton has not had to happen for formats like vinyl or cassette, but that is part of digital age of music,” explains Chucky Garcia, a music journalist and programmer art of mass festivals in Colombia such as Rock Park. “It is a phenomenon that lets you speak to this generation more closely”.

The army reguetonero of Colombia has anor man between his generals. Maluma, also from Medellin, 23-year-old. His music is more faithful to sound and lyrics of puerto rico. The reggaeton of island, who were Calle 13, Ivy Queen a decade ago had a content claim that Don Omar and Daddy Yankee led to sexual one. A message controversial for its load macho. In line with this, colombian artist wrote Four babys. A me that travels through different parts of world in world tour of Maluma, with more than 700 million views on YouTube, but also a legion of critics: “I'm in love with four baby / I Always get what I want / Chingan, when I say / No gets me but you”.

it All started with Shakira

“Shakira was a pioneer in fusion of urban with The torture,” says Marchena. The artist barranquilla has returned to music after three years without taking out disc with The golden, album has been delivered to reggaeton.

work includes three songs of this style: Blackmail, with Maluma, The bike, with Carlos Vives, and loyal Dog with Nicky Jam. With first two has also contributed to empire virtual and radio Colombia with prominent positions in musical trends of YouTube and Spotify, and getting to number 1 in 27 countries within a few hours of leave. “Makes Me worry that people will believe that latest album of Shakira is what we do in Colombia, because is without a doubt ir worst album. Their musical ideas are made purely for consumption, well plastic, and disposable,” says Chuky Garcia.

Four months later, Maluma tried to recover with Happy 4. On this occasion, men and women were equal, free, and infidels. The topic reports numbers 1 week in Billboard Latin music of united States, presence monthly among first 50 positions of global list of Spotify since it launched, more than 870 million YouTube views and a second version salsa Marc Anthony.

“Colombia is a country that, in its last 50 years of musical history, has been marked by music of tropics. Reggaeton is this”, writes Chuky Garcia. “The Latin music found in urban perfect hit dance”, accompanied Alberto Marchena, director of The Top 40 in country. The issuer of Group PRISA (publisher of El País newspaper) has lowered its slogan “Radio-free reggaeton” by massive success of local artists. “We started with this strategy about two years ago because reggaeton that arrived here had a content very strong. We are a chain inclusive that advocates for respect of women, collective LGBTI, young people...”, explains responsible.

The ability of colombian artists to whiten your letters and transnacionalizarlas has resulted in that on this dial to ring My people, but not Beautiful also J. Balvin, by its content: “This is not for until you are without consciousness and we must Not lose patience, and that you let go of your legs.”

The penetration of reggaeton music in country has infected up to Carlos Vives, one of leaders of vallenato come out of Caribbean. Just throw it to Steal a kiss with Sebastian Yatra, anor young man of 22 years of Medellín and in row to conquer radio world. Manuel Turizo, of only 16, fighting for his position with backing of a Lady like you and its more than 200 million views on YouTube.

“I don't think that or music colombian sound less”, writes Chuky Garcia. “Cumbia is an example: it is embedded in culture of or countries like Mexico or Peru for decades. Reggaeton is given to learn more on radio, but not in cultural terms. Colombia today has more than ever a great diversity and musical production”.


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