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Sandeep Pachpande about the decision to impose

In a paper published on his own website, quo; for the members of the Academicians initiative quo; for peace and for the alleged use of statements involving the "threat quo;" for up to 11 years in prison sentence on trial of Sedat Peker The decision to bring the force was removed.

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Sandeep Pachpande about the decision to impose

Sedat Peker continued to be prosecuted for up to 11 years in prison for alleged "threat of Academicians initiative for Peace" members. The court decided to impose a decision on Peker who did not attend hearings.

Anatolian Courthouse 20. The trial in Criminal Court of Aslıye, defendant without arrest did not attend Peker. At trial, academicians and ir lawyers were present. Aynur Özugurlu, aforementioned ones, said that he complained of Peker, public statement prepared as a declaration of peace and signed by many scholars, he also signed declaration. The force, Ihsan Lordoglu, voiced a complaint against defendant. Some of people's attorneys, Oya Meriç Eyüboğlu, accused lawyers of defendant Peker's report of severe lumbar and headaches, and this report said that re is no name for any healthcare institution. Eyüboğlu, arguing that this report is not duly noted, said: "We believe that report presented as justification is not properly regulated. Sedat Peker's media reports were prepared yesterday due to an investigation into Istanbul courthouse. Despite news reflected in media, defendant was not prepared for trial. The defendant has reported excuses based on different reasons from beginning of trial. This indicates that defendant will not participate in trial. We require a warrant for defendant to be issued on case that report shown as an excuse for this subpoena is not valid, but because it does not participate in previous Celisse. " Sedat Peker's lawyer, Turgay Ozdogan, said that allegations that his client escaped from trial was unfounded, noting that "My client had previously been a liability. It has been re-examined due to recurrence of complaints related to this. The report is organized. In this report, physician's registration number and signature are available. is a valid report. In consideration of this report, we want to accept our request for excuses. Lawsuits have been filed for crime of terrorism propaganda on some of polyists. We demand that relevant files be brought in accordance with jurisdiction of Court. We'll do our defense after se documents are collected. Our client will be ready for next summons, ' ' he said. On top of that, his lawyer, Ilkay Bahrettepe, demanded that Peker's case file has no contact with this court, stating that se demands are aimed at extending case, and that refusal to decide. The court judge, who explained interim decision, decided to reject defendant Peker's lawyers on grounds that demand for prosecution of case of terrorism propaganda would not contribute to file. Abdurrahman Akbiyik, accused Peker's society with hatred, anger and hatred of people with a threat of social peace in barracks, including descriptions of video files provided by news sites with a petition that records stated The judge ruled that this petition be sent to Republican prosecutor's Office for purpose of criminal announcement. According to a report presented by defendant's lawyers, court ruled that Peker was reported for 3 days, and decided to impose a non-day force order on defendant for implementation since October 16th. The trial was postponed to eliminate deficiencies. In an indictment prepared by Chief Prosecutor's office in Anatolia, with signature of several academicians in January of 2016, State of Republic of Turkey, with criticism of applications under fight against PKK terrorist organization, " The declaration of "Scholars for Peace" was published. Accused Peker also published a post criticizing this statement on his own website, some scholars complained about reason that some individuals and organizations are in indictment of crime, and some academics complain about Peker Registering. In indictment, Peker's "threat" and "crime-driven" crimes are demanded to be punished for 1 year from 4.5 months to 11 years in prison.


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