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Scam carbon : 9 years in prison for the" organizer " of the fraud

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Scam carbon : 9 years in prison for the

The criminal court rendered its judgement in trial of " Twilight ", a sidebar to 146 million euros of huge scam at VAT.

The correctional court of Paris rendered, Wednesday, 13 September, judgment in trial of " Twilight ", a sidebar to 146 million euros of gigantic scam of VAT on market of rights to pollute. Sentences of up to nine years in prison and a one million euro fine have been imposed.

About twelve of those convicted, most severe sentence, including organised fraud, has been pronounced against Cyril Astruc, regarded by court as " authorising officer and principal beneficiary of fraud ", and an arrest warrant has been issued against him.

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146 million euros in damages and interest

Richard Touil, in flight and in a state of recidivism, was sentenced to eight years in prison and a million euros fine for having been "one of organizers and one of beneficiaries" of scheme. Kévin El Ghazouani, which " has led to implementation of structure of fraud ", to seven years in prison and a million euros fine. Gregory Zaoui, considered as " engineer of fraud ", to six years in prison and 300 000 euros fine. To have played a "major role" in fraud, Eddie Abittan has been sentenced to six years imprisonment and a million euro fine.

or Seven defendants, for most part managers of straw of involved companies or intermediaries, have been sentenced to prison terms ranging from one year imprisonment to four years and a 375 000 euro fine. Two were acquitted. A fine of 8 million euros was also imposed on Turkish bank Guaranteed Bankasi, prosecuted for money laundering.

All prisoners, only three were present at deliberation – will be required to pay jointly and severally to State about 146 million euros in damages equivalent to prejudice of fraud that took place between April 2008 and march 2009.

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The" scam of century "

This trial said, " Dusk ", name of a company which operated on market of quotas for carbon, held from late may to mid-June. This is one of many branches of " scam of century " which has cost 1.6 billion euros to tax authorities.

The scheme, a fraud, a classic in VAT applied to european market of carbon allowances, designed to combat global warming, was purchase of CO2 emission rights out of tax in a foreign country, before reselling m in France at a price including VAT, and n to invest funds in a new transaction. The VAT was never paid to State. Due to magnitude of fraud, in June 2009, operations have been exempt from VAT in France.


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