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Seven detained after a brawl in Cibeles

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Seven detained after a brawl in Cibeles

it Happened early morning and we investigate if, after fight re is a battle between 'lateros' at center of city

Agents of National Police arrested early hours of last Tuesday, seven people were involved in a scuffle mass in plaza de Cibeles, in Centre, according to Headquarters Superior of Police of Madrid. Two of m ended up hospitalized with fractures and bruises.

Two of detainees are minors. Among arrested re are three citizens of Spanish nationality, two moroccans and two ecuadorians. The massive fight, forced to intervene on numerous patrols of Municipal Police and National Police of districts and Retirement Center.

We investigate, in addition, if source of fight is an alleged confrontation between lateros (sellers of beer cans) in area.

The events began about 2.30 hours of morning very close to area where you can take night buses of EMT in plaza de Cibeles.

The officers were advised of an incident involving a woman who intended to board a bus of EMT with a dog classed as a dangerous breed. However, when you get to area were met with a mass brawl in which he had involved several youth and ir respective partners.

witnesses stated that y were hitting strikes, kicks and punches, and that several people had tried without success to mediate in violent fight.

Due to scale of riot was necessary to ask for reinforcements both to Municipal Police as National Police. The agents finally stopped, seven people in place. Two of boys are 16 and 17 years. The rest were between ages of 18 and 37 years.

The arrested were taken to police station of district by agents of National Police. According to first research, none of stakeholders mentioned reason of quarrel. also Not pointed out what y did so that agents have not been able to confirm if it was a fight between lateros as mentioned in first moment by several of people present in area, which also had trolleys that are typically used for this type of illegal sale.


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