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Smokeless cigarette scam

The smoking giants are now in ' the new generation of non-#39; or 'D non-umless cigarettes & #39; with the name ' heated tobacco ' started a new communication for their products. The lobby works to prevent these products from entering the category of tobacco goods. In the bill of law, smoke-free cigarettes allowed the reaction of institutions struggling against cigarettes. There's no evidence that this product is harmless.

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Smokeless cigarette scam

smokeless cigarettes were allowed to respond to institutions struggling against cigarettes, in draft law of 130 article, which was presented to Parliament. According to bill, "new products", which will be released into market, reminding that a different tax assessment may be subject to Health Yes Association president and Child thoracic diseases specialist Prof. Dr. Elif da Ğlı " company owns products, cigarettes According to claim that damage is reduced, or countries demand a different taxation. All of addictive tobacco products must be taxed in same way, "he said.

Smokeless Cigarette Factory Initiative

According to reports circulating in towers, cigarette companies have never left lobbying activity in Ankara. Among allegations that one of big firms made a serious investment and promised to build a smokeless cigarette factory. For first time in draft law, it included phrase "new tobacco products that did not enter category of cigarettes and or tobacco products" . The production of new tobacco products in Turkey, as well as producing this product, was allowed to import from abroad. This product is known as 'smokeless cigarettes' in world, which enters tobacco act with phrase "new tobacco products that do not fall into category of cigarettes and or tobacco products".

"Reduced damage" is a scam

The cigarette industry also classifies se new products as "reduced damage" in industry, claiming that tobacco is less lethal than burning. The appearance of a cigarette-like product warms up to 350 degrees without burning tobacco in its capsule. That's why it doesn't smoke. But smoker takes nicotine. There is no evidence that this product is not harmful to health. Prof. Dr. Dağlı said: "There is no safe dose of nicotine because re is no safe new product." The basic medical and ethical approach is to accept that any product can be harmful until proven by neutral scientific institutions where it is absolutely harmless. Likewise, new products are not harmless, ' damage is reduced ' claim is easily understood. A product that has no harm should be less taxed. The public should not be offered. "

The essential ingredient of addiction is nicotine

Dr. Çağla Uyanusta, chairman of Turkish Thoracic Association's Tobacco Control Study Group, has been threatened with se products, which allegedly did not enter category "Cigarettes and or tobacco products", but which contained a tobacco derivative and main ingredient of addiction. He said it would happen. According to international contracts signed by Turkey, Dr. Uyanusta said he was obliged to take measures on nicotine addiction, a disease that should be treated, "re is no safe dose of tobacco and nicotine. Nicotine is addictive no matter what dose. Removing nicotine by heating or burning does not eliminate addictive effect. For health of our people, se products should not be provided with ease of tax and should be preceded by supply, "he said.

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