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Suspended the concert of Manuel Carrasco y Vanesa Martín in Sales for security reasons

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Suspended the concert of Manuel Carrasco y Vanesa Martín in Sales for security reasons

Community of Madrid cancels two shows after a report by city Council recommend his celebration

Sales will be between 2,000 and 2,500 seats less after reform

The Community of Madrid has cancelled today's concert in The Sales of Manuel Carrasco and Vanesa Martín, scheduled for 15 and 16 September, respectively, after having received mandatory report from Directorate-General Control Building of Madrid city Council and recommend its approval. In cited document city, it is noted that bullring is still do not have " corrective measures in case of fire, security, or accessibility give sufficient security for performance of this type of shows.

The report, which is not binding, is dated 11th of August, but, according to sources in regional Government, has not come down to today to Directorate General of Security, what has been studied throughout morning. In Consistory refuse this end and to underscore that power to cancel event in bullring belongs exclusively to Executive of Cristina Cifuentes, owner of property.

The Community of Madrid recently announced a deep reform of plaza de toros after that anor report in city Council last month, June warning of lack of security measures prior to conclusion of a show of motorcycles, Red Bull X-Fighters.

Finally, this event itself was held because it was limited to arena of bullring and spectators were only in stands. In this case, it is considered that measures of protection were similar to those of a running of bulls, yes y are allowed.

As shown in team of Manuela Carmena, negative report produced by Area of Sustainable Urban Development "it's consistent with compliance of regulations in area of security." "Comes to confirm what a number of meetings it has been revealed to Community of Madrid, owner of building, about urgent need to adapt building to current standards, given that it was built in years 20 of XX century when re were no regulations in field of fire safety in building," says a spokesman.

In this document, it is considered as "particularly relevant" to consideration of bullring for purposes of evacuation "as a outdoor area to outer space security": "In light of current configuration of plaza de toros this consideration is questionable because of proliferation of existing activities in ring of circulation, library, numerous exhibition halls, warehouses, etc., that imply existence of loads of fire liable to affect occupants."

"With this background, it has received 25/07/2017 request of Universal Music Spain for realization of a concert of Manuel Carrasco (...) to be tested, against what was agreed, that technical documentation provided is not planned for plaza de toros, adoption of corrective measures of safety in case of fire, safety of use, or accessibility give sufficient security for performance of show requested", underlines report of municipal technicians.

The works, in 2018

The reform of The Sales provided by Community will not begin to run predictably up to second half of 2018, since reform has to go through a long administrative procedure, because it must first be spread with technical issues and n take off to contest.

The work will be done in phases and will not lead to cancellation of any event of bullfighting, as reported in his day, counselor of Presidency and Interior, Ángel Garrido. The reform, which will cost 17 million euros and will pay in full Community, will assume that square loses between 2,000 and 2,500 of seats that re are in present.



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