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Syrian activist and his daughter's murder suspect attended the funeral

Syrian activist and journalist daughter was arrested for the murder of the suspect was taken to the courthouse. It turns out that the victim's tissue sample matches the defendant's mother and daughter's funeral.

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Syrian activist and his daughter's murder suspect attended the funeral

Police teams affiliated with Istanbul safety, Syrian activist Oruba Baratat (60) and daughter Halla Baracat (22) Alleged murderer of son of Oruba Baraat, grandson of uncle of police, A. B's operations were completed in Bursa. The crime Scene investigation team's examination of tissue sample from Oruba Baratat's quotes in Criminal Police laboratory was identified as belonging to suspected A. B. The alleged murder of mor and daughter of A. B, who was detained for allegedly suspected murderer, was learned in a conflicting expression. The suspect, captured in his residence in Bursa, claimed that Oruba had been summoned to help him and his family financially, to assist him. Suspicious A. b came to Istanbul from Bursa on 19 September and evening at Oruba He told me that he went to Baratat's house, knocked on door, but no one opened park. On September 19, he came to Istanbul from Bursa, where he returned to security camera footage reflected by moments of his return on September 20th. On question of why his shoes changed, "I knocked on door of his house, and without opening, I sat in grass on beach until morning. My clos were dirty, and I threw m away with clos I brought in, "he said. Police, A. B's testimony on security camera footage of re-examined in accordance with A. B's House on September 19th in 23.45 on direction of Oruba Baratat, coast of allegations that camera was not reflected, leaving house on morning of September 20 11.41 He's determined that he's reflected in security cameras in his stability. Attended to funeral, he said he attended funeral ceremony for mor and daughter of A. B, grandson of uncle of Oruba Barakat, on September 23rd at Fatih Mosque. At funeral of Oruba's bror, Maen Baratat, suspected suspect A. B, after funeral, said that Maen stayed in his home in Istanbul for two days. The suspect who attended funeral did not tell any of relatives that he came to Oruba's house on September 19th.

Detarjan spilled to erase traces Homicide bureau chief teams, activist Oruba Baratat and his daughter Halla Baratat at home in blanket wrapped in body of detergent spilled on victim's DNA traces to prevent murder of killer. On or hand, first examination of suspect a. B was reported not to be linked to any terrorist organization. The suspect was dispatched to Anatolian courthouse in Kartal after safety procedures. Syrian journalist Halla Baratat (22), his colleagues suspected of situation and informed police. Police teams entered house with help of a locksmith at Uskudar, where he lived with Baratat's mor on September 22nd. At home, Anne Oruba Barakat (60) and lifeless bodies of Halla Barkat were found wrapped in blankets. The examination found that mor-daughter was stabbed to death. The police Department of Public Security Directorate of Homicide, chief of police, crime scene perimeter and surveillance footage of public transportation vehicles were detected suspected, raid held in Bursa, suspected in house of A. B was captured.


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