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TEOG's replacement system will be announced within a week

Alpaslan Durmuş, the chairman of the Ministry of National Education (MEB), was a statement on the future system instead of TEOG. Durmuş, in relation to the model to be applied to the high school, ' Today, tomorrow I think in a week at the latest will be a compromise in our work, ' he said.

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TEOG's replacement system will be announced within a week

Ministry of National Education (MEB), Chairman of Training and Training Board Alpaslan Durmuş, model to be applied to replacement of Teogin high School, "Today, tomorrow I think in a week at latest in our work will be a compromise," he explained .

Durmuş, in Kirikkale, martyrs of Yesilvadi Musa Transparency Vocational Veknik Anatolian High School, he met with writing team of textbooks.

Responding to journalists ' questions, Durmuş said, "Jihad" is now behind debate, stating that y have told subject sufficiently.

He stopped, "here's our problem. In particular, a number of heretical organisations, such as Feö and Deaş, should use a fundamental set of concepts of religion, and we need to avoid way and seduction and diversion of people. As educators, we basically do two things. We try to destroy wrongs. We try to build a new knowledge and transform m into attitudes and behaviors. We have a compulsory lesson in religious culture and moral knowledge. This is a lesson that we can handle in course of this lesson, misconceptualized, misplaced things. Jihad is one of concepts in context of this course. We have put this concept to be able to build it, if we think that we can express truth, sense of understanding as both nation and believers of this religion, "he said.

Advertising curriculum Change

This year, 1, 5 and 9. In classrooms, first class of each level has been implemented in curriculum of renewed, explaining that application of monitoring and evaluation of work.

Durmuş reminded m that in next year y will go to new books and programmes in all stages, as follows:

"We are conducting preparation of books and course tools." The only thing that doesn't change is change, ' he has a concept that social scientists constantly say. The world is changing and refore curriculum is often reviewed. This is something that is done in many countries. That's what we've been reviewing. And because we say it's time to review, it's about reviewing. We did a few very important things. We have tried to eliminate a number of weights for children, reduce programs in this sense, and transform children into content that we call higher thinking and knowledge skills. So we made a simplification. Secondly, we tried to create a link between programs. It's an interdisciplinary approach that brings disciplines closer toger. "


"We have now developed program of 51 joint Basic course of science, technology, mamatics and engineering, and we will share m with public in January and provide discussions. More than 184 thousand views have come and all commissions have evaluated ir opinions about m. In January, work of reviewing in a similar manner related to or elective courses will continue, "he said.

Model to be applied to high school transition

Durmuş, instead of TEOG, a question about model to be applied to high schools in transition, noted that:

  • "Praise be to you right now. We've been working on TEOG since June. In both administrative and political sense, we share m with people and receive ir opinions. In academic terms, we have been testing our work since June. Today, tomorrow, in a week at latest, I think re will be a compromise in our work. The administrative and political dimensions of se must also be discussed. Let's say we've tried to increase weight of a course or remove teog from ball. This will bring up norm issue for teachers. Norm will be surplus or need for a new norm. So y need to be solved. We're working on all this. Currently, inter-expert study is in progress. We call it a little more patience. "

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Play 01:19 Erdogan's description: need to be removed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ATV, A News Joint publication evaluated agenda. I do not want event of President Erdogan ' Ben Teog, who expressed wrong examination of TEOG. I find that wrong now. It has to be removed now ' statements. Comment

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