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The Constitutional suspends the law of rupture which was passed by the Parliament

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The Constitutional suspends the law of rupture which was passed by the Parliament

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The Constitutional Court has suspended law of rupture which was passed by Parliament of Catalonia after admitting to processing appeal by Government against so-called Law of Transience and Legal founding of Catalan republic.

The Parliament of Catalonia approved last Thursday evening of this law with which JxSí and CUP y want to consummate rupture of Catalonia from rest of Spain if it wins 'yes' in referendum of 1st of October.

The approval took place despite fact that Constitutional Court (TC) had agreed to shortly before suspension of referendum law, decrees of convocation and organisation of consultation of self-determination for next 1 October and by anor agreement of Parliament of Catalonia on appointment of a Trustee that it intends to exercise of Election Board.

The Government insists that it "will obey to Parliament" and not TC

The spokesman of Government, Jordi Turull, insisted on Tuesday that Executive "will obey to Parliament" and not to state courts, after Constitutional (TC) has been suspended by Law of transience and legal founding of Catalan republic.

When asked about this suspension in press conference after Consell Executiu, he recalled that Parliament "leaves in suspension law" on transience, as that would only come into effect if it wins 'yes' in referendum of 1st of October.

"Is conditional to verdict of people. We owe to him who approves Parliament and, consequently, decree of convocation" of referendum and complementary measures, he added.

Turull has insisted that Government "is due to law adopted by Parliament and, accordingly, decrees" furr added Executive to apply this rules suspended.

Key of law of rupture

The Law establishes a transitional period of about a year to create a Constitution and convene first elections of a Catalan republic. In transitional period would remain in place rules of EU, international treaties and all state laws that "do not contradict" Catalan law of transience legal, and you could retrieve all those rules in Catalan, which has already suspended Constitutional Court (TC), and make itself available to give legal status.

also Contemplates that president of Generalitat is automatically head of State and that Catalonia will assume control of border and customs, in addition to expel Army until future Constituent Assembly decide wher to create one of your own.

With respect to public employees of State who provide services in Catalonia will be integrated automatically in body of civil service of government, maintaining wages and conditions.

also Expected that you will have nationality Catalan, who have Spanish and are registered in Catalonia before December 31, 2016. In addition, all Catalan would retain Spanish nationality, although you can ask to waive it.

with Respect to Justice, law breaking creates a legal system, but keeping squares of current judges, magistrates, prosecutors and lawyers. One of more substantial changes is replacement of CT scan Room Garanties and TS by Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC).

in Addition, president of Supreme Catalan would be appointed by Catalan Government and prosecutor general by Parliament.Likewise, standard provides for amnesty of convicted persons for process to sovereignty and that Generalitat is only tax authority in Catalonia.



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