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The Darbeci is a life sentence for cops!

Breaking News-the 15th of July bloody treacherous coup initiative night in Istanbul, where they are stationed in the police headquarters in Sultangazi under orders...

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The Darbeci is a life sentence for cops!
The Darbeci is a life sentence for cops! Michael Kaufman Agenda News entry date: 6.10.2017 19:27 15 July bloody treacherous coup attempt night in Istanbul In police headquarters in Sultangazi where y were married, re was a decision on court about a ranking of 3 police officers who were suggesting that police would not resist coup. Istanbul 22. Heavy criminal tribunal suspected MUSTAFA light about life or suspects, Ayhan Sevim and Sahin Uluöz gave a life sentence.

In Istanbul, 15 July treacherous coup initiative night officials under order of police in Sultangazi district to resist coup on grounds that y have been judged, court decided about three-ranking police.

Istanbul 22. ' Attempting to eradicate constitutional order ', ' attempting to abolish Parliament or to prevent task of eliminating ' and ' attempting to eradicate Government of Republic of Turkey ' Accused of asking for a life imprisonment of three times aggravated by crimes of Mustafa Işık, Ayhan Sevim and Sahin Uluöz were present at hearing. The defendants were asked last words. The defendants demanded ir acquittal and evacuation in ir final defences.

Every 3 of m announced decision of delegation, chaired by Judge Fikret Demir, about suspects who are users of Bylock. Mustafa Işık ' attempted to abolish constitutional order ' under crime of aggravated life imprisonment, while Ayhan Sevim and Sahin Uluöz received a life sentence for same crime.


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