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The document, which reveals the lie of Darbeci Batmaz, is in court

Breaking News-The coup initiative of the Feö 143 at the Akinci base. The alleged civilian imam of the organization established in the fleet, Kemal Batmaz, the United States...

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The document, which reveals the lie of Darbeci Batmaz, is in court
The document reveals lie of Darbeci Batmaz in court AA Agenda News entry date: 4.10.2017 10:57 Diary Leme Date: 4.10.2017 10:59 The coup attempt of Feö at Akinci base at 143. The alleged civilian imam of Organization, which was directed by flotilla, appeared in United States, saying that Kemal Batmaz would remain with Feö Elbaşı Gülen. In his Batmaz testimony, he claimed that he knew press and never met him.

The Fezullaçı terrorist organization (Feö) attempted coup on 15 July 2016 at Akinci base 143. The alleged civilian imam of stated fetus in fleet, Kemal Batmaz, entered United States by saying that fetus will remain with leader of Fetulullah Gülen.

The documents sent by U.S. Department of Homeland Security to General Directorate of Police on 8 September 2017 have refuted bankruptcy of Batmaz's Feö Elbaşı Gülen.

"Where would you use money on it?"

Documents, Ankara Republic Chief Prosecutor's Office in case of Akıncı Akinci. The main headquarters of General Staff of Criminal Tribunal is 17. It was transmitted as evidence to severe criminal Tribunal.

In document, Batmaz was questioned on January 1, 2016 at Newark Airport, USA's New Jersey state.

According to this, he was asked to go to United States very often and where he would use this money in seven thousand US dollars and questioned Batmaz.

Stating that he will use money on his expenses in United States, he would meet his friend Ismail Çelik, one night at Hotel Riviera, and n with a friend named Yavuz Ulusoy "Imam Muhammad Fetullah Gülen" Said.

He went to U.S. with an orphan

It was determined that Batmaz went to United States on July 11, 2016 with fair orphan determined to be "Air Force Imam" of fetus.

Two days after orphan's returning to Turkey, Ataturk Airport, which emerged from images of Batmaz, Coup initiative "mystery Box" was a more effective name than orphan said.

In footage, defendants of Raider case, former Raider main Jet base commander, Air Brigade General Hakan Evrim, Basak'a gave a nod to Batmaz.

He denied it in Raider case.

Batmaz, in his defence of Raider case, said that it was purely coincidental to be seen at Atatürk Airport, while base area was referring to a plot of civilian defendants with Harun boarding.

"The fetus leader, who met with Fetullah Gülen, confirmed coup plan," he said, "I did not approve of what I went to Pennsylvania, nor did I get a directive on this matter. I did not participate in meetings called "done".

In statement of Batmaz prosecutor, he claimed that he knew press and never met him.

"I don't know smiley," he said, "look at which house he left."


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