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The drug gang that your mother-son directed was smashed

The criminal organization, led by the mother and son who traded drugs in Izmir 8217;d E, was smashed after the operation of police teams.

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The drug gang that your mother-son directed was smashed

Izmir Provincial Police Directorate of Fight Against Narcotics Crimes Branch office teams of biggest drug barons in Izmir, stated that crazy A. Nicknamed a person has acted upon reports. As A result of extensive analysis and field work conducted within 6 months of this information, teams determined that person named A.V. (37) was subject of madman. The individuals named A.V. and B.V. (61) were contacted by N.A. (45), Ş.I.A. (25) and B.B. (51), and y applied to many methods to avoid getting caught in security units.

They change every 25 days to avoid getting caught in police.

In order to avoid police, gang, who applied to different methods of drug sale in east and souast provinces of places y brought in 20-25 days changed individuals stated. In addition, people who are living outside, who are in need of non-financial welfare, women and children who are used as dealers, couriers, intermediaries and scouts during sale of drugs, especially children who enter neighborhood police vehicles They used to attack areas where y were selling drugs, using multiple men in areas where urban transformation was compulsory, abandoned and derelict buildings, in area of city, Kadifekale and Cimentepe The people who oppose m in ir areas, and y put pressure on gun so y don't report to public.

Criminal organization smashes after 6 months of work

In 6 months of work for this criminal organization, re were 19 separate intermediate arrests to 43 individuals in process of trafficking drugs, 13 of aforementioned persons were arrested and sent to prison.

On or hand, a simultaneous and planned operation was held in some neighborhoods and Ankara province, based in Izmir, Balcova, Buca, Gaziemir, Karabağlar, Konak, Menderes districts for all activities of criminal organization on last Monday. 1 police helicopter, 2 drone, special operations and 5 narcotics detectors with a total of 130 teams of 280 police officers were appointed as a result of operation, 21 suspected individuals were arrested. In search of 60 kilograms of cannabis, 250 grams of cocaine, transparent gelatin and paper wrapped in ready-to-sell drugs, transparent locked bags used in drug packaging, 3 precision The scales were seized with 3 unlicensed pistols, 1 unlicensed rifles, 45 gun flares, 5 rifle cartridges and a thousand 750 TL, and 70 euros, which were obtained from sale of drug substances.


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