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The entire opposition, except Citizens, and connected back to the universal healing

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The entire opposition, except Citizens, and connected back to the universal healing

The objective is repeal of Royal Decree of 2012 in order to "ensure a system of solidarity and quality"

Citizens has submitted in parallel, a law proposal to restore universality that limited Royal Decree

most of The opposition parties, except Citizens, have signed this Tuesday a compact, to proposal of more than 70 civil society organizations, which undertake to promote legislative measures to retrieve a public health and universal, five years after entry into force of health-care reform.

PSOE, Can, Commune Can, Tide, United Left, PNV, Compromís, ERC, PdCAT, New Canary islands, Coalition Canaria and EH-Bildu have signed agreement in Congress of Deputies, whose ultimate aim is repeal of Royal Decree of 2012 to ensure "a National System of Health, solidarity and quality again become a pillar of Social rule of Law".

"we're here Today to meet representatives from healthcare organizations, social, trade union and policy for face-planting and try to put an end to an injustice that has already lasted five years. Too much time," said José Félix Hole, president of Doctors of World, on behalf of all signatories.

The Network of Complaint and Resistance to Royal Decree (Reder), which encompasses civil organizations, promoters of agreement, has documented since January 2014 more than 3,300 cases of health care exclusion, among which re are situations of neglect, serious illnesses, pregnant women and minors in an irregular situation.

The covenant has not joined Citizens (Cs), a party which today, and in parallel has introduced a law that calls for modifications "legal steps" to reset to universality that limited Royal Decree, who left without a health card to immigrants "without papers" and introduced copayment pharmacist for pensioners, but without demanding its repeal total.

An "unjust model"

The president of Doctors of World has underlined, in statements to media, that five years after reform of PP, health care model is "most unfair" and "less efficient" and it was recalled that parliamentary spectrum has changed, so that now re are "legislative capacity to change that reality."

Hole has been entrusted by parties, signatories are able to develop a proposition of law that a repeal of Royal Decree to put an end to a situation that has led to "suffer" most vulnerable groups and has ensured that will of organizations is that both Cs as PP join pact, because "we are not by opposition but by defending right to a health fair, based on our social system".

For his part, spokesman of Health of PSOE, Jesus Maria Fernandez, has said that his party is going to work on getting parliamentary majority sufficient to pass proposition of law, and "to continue to demand" Government to withdraw appeals filed against communities who have maintained universal health care.

This new covenant, as has been emphasized, it obliges parties that have subscribed to "work toger" and has denounced position of Cs in this last legislature, in which he "began defending universal health care", but that, after signing budget agreement with PP, has been put on side of this party.

The proviso of Citizens

Precisely, spokesman of Health of formation of orange, Francisco Igea, has explained that initiative has presented today seeks to recover health care to all immigrants "within criteria" of World Health Organization (WHO).

Igea has justified that C s has not been added to pact signed by or parties of opposition in fact that "re is to bet by sustainability" of health system and (...) give realistic solutions to all citizens", although it has shown itself willing to continue negotiating.

The mep of IU, Eva García Sempere has stated that "we seek to give a radical change and finish with unprecedented increase of inequalities of health across State", while Marta Sorlí (Compromís) has considered that "it is a first step to tell Government that has to stop choking people."

firm has been attended by representatives of various NGOS and trade unions in health sector, among m, semFyc, Sespas, Doctors of World, FADSP, Ari-Peru, Association of Community Nursing, Amnesty International, CEAR, DC. OO., General council of Social Work, Odusalud, Oxfam-Intermon, Pasucat, Red Acoge, SOS Racismo and UGT.


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