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The exhaust sound in a luxury vehicle with high penalty

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The exhaust sound in a luxury vehicle with high penalty

luxury car rental company in Izmir segment of horizon in Karavar (29), when he was stopped at a police checkpoint home with 5000 cc engine with power tool.

original from factory and lack of a place to put plate in front of vehicle in front of vehicle due to absence of plate of traffic police fined Karavar writing expressing 763 thousand TL, was shocked when received into hands of Minutes of punishment.

The vehicle of a written sentence “with sound of exhaust at high driving” traffic COP came up to him and when he saw belonging to item “this car is original exhaust from factory. 5000 cc engine, and is supposed to make that noise” he said, expressing Karavar, she told traffic police telling m to put a silencer on vehicle itself.

wher you installed muffler this car, representing horizon, Karavar, “to pay price for this car with 5000 cc engine power made it sound like this as I pay high taxes to state. I pointed out to that officer. Persistently Magistrates ' Court was told. Also Magistrates ' Court and penalty minutes toger with I went to, and I'm waiting for results,” he said.

vehicle inspection Station received from “Turkey conform to standard” Karavar presented to court a written document stating that, “I expect that revocation of this sentence will be. The car has passed inspection, but police under control, was inserted. I didn't object to sentence that is written on plate. Overseas production of this car, this is Turkey. I didn't object to penalty of 800 thousand pounds, but 200 pounds I objected to punishment of unfair because it was written,” he said.


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