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' The Fetish'ü treacherous officer made dirty cooperation with the Greeks '

Breaking news-from Mersin, the day before the boat fled to Cyprus, the former the conquering of the Greek intelligence of the treacherous officer who was dirty co-operation...

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' The Fetish'ü treacherous officer made dirty cooperation with the Greeks '
' The Fetish'ü treacherous officer made dirty cooperation with Greeks ' entry date: 4.10.2017 14:22 update Date: 4.10.2017 14:24 He fled with boat from Mersin, and previous day, he was told that he had dirty co-operation with Greek intelligence of conquering renegade officer who fled to Cyprus. The 31-metre-long super-luxury sailboat entered port of Larnaca at 18.40 hours before wear was dark at time of previous day. The Turkish officer and his wife, who came out of sailboat with a calm attitude, told port police that he was a member of Turkish armed forces and that he was coming to Cyprus to apply for asylum.

The port police, who experienced astonishment of Turkish officer coming out of a luxury sailboat, immediately alerted State Department and Greek intelligence.

' I'm not actually a fatwa '

The police took marina and boat into security cordon. Greek intelligence, who did not allow media to take image and kept its identity secret, immediately questioned Turkish officer and his wife. Turkish officer, "Officer of Navy. Actually, I'm not a fetishist. However, in investigations after July 15th coup initiative, step was taken to list of officers of fatwa. On night of September 29th, Turkish police made a call to my house by making an arrest decision about me. I ran away with my wife from Mersin.

They offered a private house

According to Hurriyet's report; Greek intelligence has offered to stay in a private house with Turkish officer and his wife. However, Turkish officer rejected offer, overnight on his boat at marina. The Turkish officer testified to Greek intelligence yesterday. Greek media, "officials are very pleased with cooperation of Turkish officer," he wrote, while Turkish officer and his wife toured streets of Larnaca accompanied by civilian policemen, n returned to ir boats.

The Cypriot Foreign Ministry has not yet decided on demand for political asylum of Turkish officer and his wife. Greek diplomatic sources, who spoke to Filelefria and Alithia newspapers, had a extradition treaty between Turkey and Cyprus before 1974, but official extradition application due to Turkey's lack of recognition of Cyprus today It draws attention that it is not expected. Therefore, it is said that wanted in Turkey prefers Cyprus.

The fettors were caught in a hunting shelter on Greek border


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