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The founder of ETI's Firuz lost his life (who is the Firuz winged?)

The honorary president of ETI companies and ETI Makine chairman of the Board of Directors Firuz Winged, treated in the hospital he saw the life lost.

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The founder of ETI's Firuz lost his life (who is the Firuz winged?)

The honorary president of ETI companies and chairman of ETI Makine Board of Directors of Firuz Winged, was kept under treatment, Eskişehir Acibadem Hospital was learned that he died.

Who is Firuz winged? Firuz Poultry was born in Eskişehir on 1932. His far is Mr. Ahmet. His family emigrated to Turkey in 1924 and n emigrated to Eskişehir. He has an uncle named Mehmet. He studied in Eskişehir until third grade in elementary school. He n studied at Galatasaray High School until he graduated from high school. He studied business at University of Geneva in Switzerland. He started working at Gumulcineli Flour factory, which belonged to his far in his return from Switzerland. The name of factory was subsequently poultry flour factory. But since his uncle's children are re, he's in search of a new job. Meanwhile, he made his military service in Yassıvıvı'de 1957 – 1958 in Istanbul, near Terkos.

The idea of making biscuits came from army at Kantinciyken

The idea of making biscuits in your head when you were in charge of canteen. The return of military has done so. Meanwhile, he got married in his last days of military service. Firuz Poultry, which he wanted to remove with brand "honey" in period of anor, biscuit, choosing meat brand, started production in Eskisehir in 1962. Meat Biscuit Factory, a year later, 22 employees went into production. Among first products of factory, ' Finger ', ' Marie ', ' cream ', ' Sable ' and ' Bademli ' took place. By year 1965, meat has now completed transition to automation with participation of Turkish engineers. In 1972, trade title changed to ' Eti Gida sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. '. His first exports to Cyprus in 1974, after five years, started to meet needs of all machines and facilities of group companies. In 1980 ' full food Industry and Trade Inc. ' was established in Eskişehir organized industrial zone. Starting to produce biscuits, pretzels and cakes, company established Eskisehir-based ' Eti Pazarlama ve Sanayi A.Ş. ' to actively carry out marketing and sales of products after a year. For first time in 1983, production of ' industrial type cake ' was entitled to receive same year UK alimentacion Europe and Golden Mercury International Awards. In 1988, Turkish Standards Institute has been awarded with its products, Worthy of first. In 1992, Eti Gida A.Ş. organized facilities were implemented. The company, which took first ISO 9002 certificate in Turkey's biscuit industry, received 2002 Quality Award as a result of ' consumer's most trusted brand ' survey from November 2001 – March 2002. Today Eti has more than 150 varieties of crackers, cakes, pies, wafers, chocolate coated products, chocolate, health and children's products categories. Firuz Poultry, who founded ETI and became a big brand, prefers to not interfere with management of company after handing over work to ir children. Firuz Winged, married Gülay Hanim in 1958. "Ahmet Firuzhan" has 3 children in name of Gülden and Aydan.


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