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The Government Delegation asked to Carmena put cameras in areas of greatest influx of pedestrians

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The Government Delegation asked to Carmena put cameras in areas of greatest influx of pedestrians

The Government Delegation calls on Council to inform him of project of pedestrianization of centre to strengn security

Madrid placed bollards in crowded streets on night of 17-

The city of Madrid, you should count with more video surveillance cameras in areas of greatest influx of pedestrians as a deterrent to possible terrorist attacks. It has been so requested to city Hall of capital of delegate of Government, Concepción Dancausa, who stressed "excellent coordination" with team of Manuela Carmena in field of security.

For launch of this new preventive measure that would be adopted in wake of attacks of 17 August in Barcelona and Cambrils, City should develop a map of places with most traffic of passers-by. In addition to audio-visual devices to control mobility, will be placed more bollards and planters to prevent entry of heavy vehicles in certain streets, though "caution" have not materialised locations.

The Madrid city Council has been responsive to request of security cameras, although it has pointed out need to study possible localization of same ensuring privacy of citizens. All in all, indicates that as a minimum it takes a year to process his installation and last word to pass have Commission of Surveillance of TSJM and Government Delegation.

re are currently installed in municipality of Madrid a total of 221 devices of video surveillance last placed in area of Azca. Are controlled 24 hours a day for Unity of Videoseguridad of Municipal Police, which has 40 agents belonging to communications section.

Thanks to you are cameras solve many crimes.

The images are saved for a week, and if no one else claims same, police or courts, y will be deleted. Most of se targets can rotate 360 degrees and are equipped with a powerful zoom that allows you to read license plates and see people in great detail.

in Addition, Dancausa has been raised to Carmena "convenience" of that National Police are informed of project of pedestrianization -total or partial - and commissioning of a large Area of Priority Residential (APR) covering whole of district Centre, which is scheduled for 2018. According to Delegation of Government, it is important to conduct a "joint analysis" of security that is required of se spaces to make contributions that we deem appropriate.



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