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The Government urges Puigdemont to convene elections if you want to make a legal consultation

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The Government urges Puigdemont to convene elections if you want to make a legal consultation

Pedro Sanchez offers "more self-government in Catalonia" to curb challenge secessionist

Puigdemont denies that TC can be removed and offers to negotiate with Rajoy

spokesperson of The Government, Iñigo Méndez de Vigo, has called this Tuesday to president of Generalitat of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, to convene regional elections for citizens to be consulted in time to boost a self-determination referendum is "illegal".

"If what you want Puigdemont is to consult, it is very simple, to convene regional elections", he declared in an interview on Antena 3 collected by Europa Press. The spokesman of Executive has pointed out that that yes "it is in your power and ability", while right of self-determination "is not recognized in any text," and Government has no competence to convene a referendum.

Mendez de Vigo has disfigured pips to ensure that right to secession exists, but "do not say where": "The secession was a right recognized in 60's for situations colonial. I hope that Puigdemont and Junqueras did not say that Catalonia is a colonial situation", has ironizado.

As has been stated, right to a unilateral secession is not contemplated in international law. In this sense, he explained that "only in Constitution of Ethiopia is a recognized right of secession".

"don't cover anyone," he noted, recalling that president of European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, has already said that "any action against Constitution of a State is a action against legal framework of EU".

The also minister of Education has reiterated that consultation planned for 1 October is "illegal" and has insisted Government will act "with firmness but with proportionality" to curb challenge sovereignty. As well, has asserted that re will be no referendum with guarantees,.

In this sense, has stressed that Government has launched Government of catalonia", a message dialog without date of expiry" while, in his opinion, to pro-independence leaders are only interested in referendum. Méndez de Vigo has said that Government "can not give satisfaction to referendum," but he has insisted on his "will talk".

on or hand, has criticized "coercion" which, in its judgment, are receiving mayors catalans for convenience of 1 of October. In this sense, has asked for respect and said that this "is not a good factor for coexistence".



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