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The inspiration of Marc Gasol for a blessed habit: Spain is in the semi-finals

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The inspiration of Marc Gasol for a blessed habit: Spain is in the semi-finals

The power forward for Grizzlies (28 points, 10 rebounds and four assists) benching to a Germany that complicated to those of Scariolo for almost three quarters

Tenth semi-final row to current champion, who will face Thursday in Istanbul (20:30 h.) winner of Slovenia-Latvia

Spain has fulfilled its promise every summer, no one so faithful with success as this group hell-bent on never expire. The Thursday (against Slovenia or Latvia) will be tenth semi-final european in a row, an achievement that highlights historical dimension of selection, since only USSR was capable of something like that. The day will come when you fail, because nothing is infinite, and it only remains to give more value to a single era, one in which Europe surrendered to Spanish basketball. It was evening of Marc Gasol (28 points, 10 rebounds and four assists), unleashed against Germany, which diminishes with ir releases all doubts that came to awaken Chris Fleming until well into second half. [Narration and statistics (72-84)]

y Are always Spain and three more. Spend rivals, time, players mselves and circumstances. It is validity of one who is eternal. It was Marc hit it on table, out of sun before fog imposed by Germany in duel of quarterfinals. Came his master stroke with a third act wonderful, protest, liberating. Accompanied by clear-sightedness of Chacho, Grizzlies signed that you were his minutes more brilliant with selection.

And that dawn had been calamitous. The worst moments of guys from Scariolo in this Eurobasket, five minutes of anxiety. Piled up horrific attacks, as if hands did not obey mandates of brain. Until Ricky is out on a kick-off fund to bring against Germany, which was rubbing its eyes to facilities (11-2).

Punish ir pivots

however, Spain had already intuited what was roadmap to topple granite germans. Beyond stop to Schröder, who also had to abuse m in paint where Gasol this time had no rivals so rocky. Boast of centimeters germans, but are pivots of step back in search of perimeter. It was, in end, day of Pau and Marc. The bleeding had been stopped with eight consecutive points of greatest of saga.

Took a quarter of an hour to fix outrageous initial. Fundamental was again struggling second unit of Spain, arrests of Oriola -who played played after a puncture in warm up - before eyes of his far just landed in Istanbul. The defense of Tailor on Schröder, topped off with a triple that left selection on shore. And address of Chacho, summit in this Eurobasket. Had already commenced partial (2-14) which put sanity. Key to effort back, but first half had only served to reinforce enthusiasm of Germany.

Sergio Rodriguez ordered Spanish attack before defence of Schröder. Juan Carlos HidalgoEFE

re was still, arousing doubts of favorite, by exploiting bad afternoon of Ricky on launch, sail aboard fiendish Schröder. The duel needed a shock, because it is beginning to put dangerous. I was going to arrive soon, making it clear that, despite limitations, this Spain has resources. Three names, from least to greater importance, three types which shook foundations of German, or who put logic on Sinan Erdem.

Joan Sastre, in his shyness, is a canopy of endless possibilities. We played dance with ugly and impeccable was on "indefensible" Schröder. Also collaborating with ir threat from perimeter, two triples and at times well delicate. Was hero unexpected.

Sergio Rodriguez, colossal. It could be put, because he deserves it, among candidates for MVP of European. With him on court, clearly offensive and triple-time.

Partner with Willy

And, with all uppercase letters, MARC GASOL, who woke up in tournament with vehemence that he is doing things. The giant penalised living with his bror on track. Less spaces and more attention. Teaming up with Willy came inspiration. A third room to memory and records. 12 consecutive points (a total of 18) to go to closing options germans, powerless in face of Grizzlies, who discovered his new ability from perimeter.

The blow of Marc ended stroke of a pen with party, no trace since of troubles that were intuiting. Spain is in semi-finals, blessed usual.


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