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The iraqi Parliament rejects the holding of the referendum of independence of kurdish

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The iraqi Parliament rejects the holding of the referendum of independence of kurdish

The three main parties of iraqi Kurdistan have reached today an agreement in principle to "reactivate" regional Parliament

ANALYSIS: The puzzle of kurdish

The iraqi Parliament rejected on Tuesday referendum of independence of autonomous region of Kurdistan has been set for 25th of September. In a poll of absent deputies kurds, Chamber urged prime minister Haidar al Abadi to "take necessary measures" to preserve unity of Iraq when country battle even against last strongholds controlled by self-styled Islamic State.

"This referendum has no basis in constitutional and, refore, what we consider to be unconstitutional", pointed to resolution adopted at a session attended by 204 of 328 mps. The chamber addressed issue at request of 80 ladies and gentlemen, that arab societies are undergoing a "threat" against unity of Iraq, appointment with polls announced by regional Government of iraqi Kurdistan.

"The iraqi Constitution lists a series of circumstances that requires a referendum, but none include referendum of Kurdistan," said president of Parliament, sunni Salim al Yaburi, in a press release in which it also denounced attempt to hold a consultation in areas whose control is disputed historically, Baghdad and Erbil, capital of Kurdistan. "The inclusion of disputed territories in referendum is also a violation of Constitution", he added.

In statement final and will be published in official gazette after obtaining placet of presidency of iraq, deputies show ir rejection of plebiscite and call on "all competent authorities to take appropriate measures to cancel". "The iraqi Government will be responsible for preserving unity of Iraq, as well as to adopt measures and decisions that include protection of its unity", outlines second point of a resolution calling for dialogue between parties involved.

"The governments iraqi and regional levels must undertake serious negotiations to solve pending issues according to Constitution and laws", concludes document ratified in a full of that, in protest, have left representatives of kurdish parties following allegations that y had not been informed in advance of vote nor were allowed to comment on matter. "The kurdish Parliament will respond to this resolution when it meets Thursday", said former minister, iraqi Finance and Foreign, kurdish Hoshiyar Zebari, in his capacity as advisor to regional Government.

just this Tuesday, three main parties of iraqi Kurdistan have reached a principle of according to "reactivate" regional Parliament, paralyzed from 2015 by a dramatic dispute between ruling Democratic Party of Kurdistan (KDP) and Gorran (Change in kurdish), a formation of newly minted I was born to break a political arena dominated by conservative KDP president Masud Barzani and socialist Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) of Jalal Talabani.

The tripartite pact, which stipulates holding of a parliamentary session next Thursday, has agreed to adoption of a law to organize referendum, creation of a constitutional committee to draft Constitution of "State of Kurdistan" and reforms of controversial rule that governs presidency kurdish and electoral law to include political participation of population of areas whose ownership is disputed with Baghdad but controlled "de facto" Kurdistan since outbreak of IS (Islamic State, for its acronym in English), and flight of iraqi army.

The regions in dispute

Among regions in dispute, are Sinyar, home of minority yezidi, and Kirkuk, which council approved at end of August by a simple majority to hold referendum on independence with opposition of important minorities like Turkmen and Arabic. The province, rich in oil, is known as "little Iraq" for melting pot of ethnicities and communities that it hosts. The resolution was criticized by Baghdad and Ankara, is worried by impact of plebiscite among its kurdish population. Barzani has promised that city will enjoy a "special status" in future kurdish State.

The appointment with ballot boxes has been harvested rejection of neighboring countries and Washington, which has tried to boot to authorities kurdish a cancellation of plebiscite. "These issues should be resolved through dialogue and under a constitutional framework. A referendum at this time would be catastrophic to campaign against IS", he warned last month, Brett McGurk, special envoy of american presidency in international coalition against jihadist organization.

this is Not first time that iraqi kurds, who have built a prosperous region since u.s. invasion of country in 2003, amagan with a referendum. The region held a mock referendum in 2005. The result of informal consultation, organized by a civil society movement, left no doubt. The 98.8 per cent of participants voted for independence.

Their aspirations, however, have been met historically with refusal of united States and Governments of Iran, Turkey and Syria, three or countries that is desperdigado largest people without a nation on planet.

"The referendum is a right of kurdish people. Since establishment of Iraq, we have never been treated as equals," said Falah Mustafa, Foreign minister of kurdish, in an interview last year to THE WORLD. The outstanding participation of troops in kurdish before advance of IS, serving as a retaining wall and earning support of europeans and americans, and economic relationships that have been locked with neighbouring countries could pave now road to an independence that political leaders of Kurdistan have been used as a means of pressure to Baghdad.

Kurdistan (puk), reached also by arrival of refugees and internally displaced persons fleeing conflict in Syria and Iraq, has managed to build in last decade an economic model that we look at in United Arab Emirates and a modern society with a strong national identity, in which attempts of 'arabization' of Saddam Hussein have been diluted and Arabic language is becoming less and less extended.


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