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The last words of the assassin traitors were asked!

Breaking news-The president of the assassination attempt in the case of the defendants say the words, the assassination team leader Gökhan Sahin Sönmezateş, the last word...

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The last words of the assassin traitors were asked!
The last words of assassin traitors were asked! Agencies Agenda News entry date: 4.10.2017 11:02 The assassination attempt on president of case defendants promise While saying, assassination team leader Gökhan Sahin Sönmezateş, said last word, "I refuse to mention last word."

During coup attempt of fatwa, trial of trial against President Erdogan and assault on which two policemen were martyred, 2 fugitives, 43 detained 47 defendants trial began.

Mugla 2. The trial was seen in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mugla because of physical inability of halls in courthouse, defendants were brought under broad security measures.

The last words to accused will be asked

The defendant, far of martyr Police, Nihat Cengiz Eker and his mor with beautiful eker of party lawyers in trial, defendants will be asked final remarks.

The assassination attempt on president and murder of two policemen, defendants say final words. The trial began with determination of wher defendants and lawyers were in hall. Trial Tezkizeelma, Ünsal Coskun and Huseyin Yilmaz in Ankara due to situation in Segbis system is participating.

President of court: say your final word to end of trial

The President of Tribunal, Emirsah, has asked end of trial and defendants to say ir last words. "I refuse to mention last word," said defendant, head of assassination team, former Brigadier General Gökhan Sahin Sönmez, who asked last word.

The final words of defendants continue to be taken.

Here are penalties for Fezullaçı traitors

"Assassination of president", "violating Constitution", "Crime against legislature", "crime against government", "being director of armed terrorist organization", " public duty of accused, fetus leader of fatwa," in indictment of number one suspect. intentionally killing "," attempting to intentionally kill because of public duty fulfilled by "," intentionally attempting to kill "," by using algebra and threatening to chain person in way of deprivation of freedom "," due to result of aggravated wounding ", "A chain-of-arms threat", "insulting president", "insulting public servant in a chained manner", "harming public property", "damage to Mala", "violation of housing immunity" and "qualified looting" To be punished for ir crimes.

Six times aggravated life!

One of "assassination team" of Feö, who carried out attack, has been demanding a life imprisonment of at least 6 times for a fugitive 37 soldiers.

Last minute ' assassination team ' from attorney general's statement


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