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The lawsuit on the release of Fair orphan

Last minute news-the fatwa of the alleged Air Force command of the Fetullaçı Terror Organization (Feö) is the release of the Fugitive Fair Orphan...

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The lawsuit on the release of Fair orphan
A lawsuit on release of fair Orphan AA Agenda News entry date: 4.10.2017 14:32 update Tari Hi: 4.10.2017 14:33 Turkish Terrorist Organization (Feö), so-called "Air Force Command Imam", 13 of soldiers, 14 of Fugitive Fair Orphan, which is determined to be released The staff of Nel Directorate and one of former Prime Ministry counsel continue to judge 28 defendants.

Ankara 23, where all defendants are tried without arrest The trial of Criminal Tribunal, defendants and lawyers attended.

The defendant, former police accused Kenan Gulli, who was detained in Balikesir prison for anor crime, was defended with voice and video computing system. Balikesir 2. The defendant, who was tried prisoner in criminal tribunal, said that organization's secret communication system is bylock, and Bank Asia has an account.

Among those who are asked to see wher Darbeci detained in Akinci base will be taken to safety, alleged gülenis is outside Ankara because of night of coup initiative, file on Fair orphan, He argued that he thought it was included because of difficulties.

He claimed that he had returned to Ankara on July 17th, that he had learned name of Adil Ogul from press, that he had no knowledge of issue. "I entered file because of a person pronouncing my name by mistake," Gulgul said, adding a bus ticket to Ankara and start of mission.

The defendant, Kenan Gülen's, did not accept accusation of membership of fatwa and alleged bylock user.

-"Every sheep is hanged in his own leg"

Ankara 23. "If you use Bylock, you can make a forward-looking, effective regret. You can tell me clearly who installed it. If re's anyone who can tell you how to defend in prison. Every sheep is hanged in his own leg. You have served this state, if future is clear, think carefully, " defendant reiterated that he did not use Bylock.

In history of Bylock detection report, he claimed that re was a conflict, and he asked for an expert examination. Bank Asia's account asked accused, Kenan Gulel, in 2008, a home loan, a thousand 275 lira monthly payments, stating that re is no or account in this bank, he suggested.

Former police gülge'a, "Kozanlı Omer" known as safety Imam of fetus Osman Hilmi Özdil once called mobile phone, reminded me of how he knew Ozdil.

Osman Hilmi said that he did not recognize Özdil, "after 15th of July," You called me phone of Ankara insurance in 2013. I think it's a company that does insurance, I don't know person. I'm calling about insurance, I don't know who's using that number. 113 seconds I met him once. The next day, I got traffic insurance on my car. "

-The defense of Erhan Cihangir

Later in hearing, alleged police officer Erhan Cihangir did not accept allegations about defense.

Cihangir, coup initiative night, Ankara Province, after conflict with Chiefs of team chief Serter Koçak, order of head of Akıncı told Akinci.

There are several police teams in region, a few hours of work, field behind land of Raider, information of Darbeci on pedestrian fled to arrival of Cihangir, n Gendarmerie outpost with team of 8 people. They found.

-"Everyone has cursed, a righteous orphan"

In police station, where captured darbblers lined up, said he saw righteous orphan on ground, Cihangir, "who is rank of people, what is task in inside, what is in re, who are in re," we started an interview. Then, my chief Serter Kirak said to captured, ' swear to fetus '. Everyone cursed, a righteous orphan, ' I do not curse servant of God, ' he said. On phone, he asked wher or not this person had a record. Then he said to us, "this man was a private imam, that's how he was passing our records." "Your network, this is your Pasha," he said in eyes, "he expressed loudly."

On question of Chairman of court, Cihangir, everyone in Outpost Garden, said that he heard Serter Koçak shouting in form of "this man is a private Imam".

President Köksal, "Have you notified gendarmerie ranks? Your yelling doesn't mean anything re. How did you inform gendarmerie? "on question, Cihangir stated that document was not informed.

Cihangir noted that fair orphan, which y did not recognise, was intimate implication of Organization, and that ir superiors reported to ir bases.

At police station, when 11 people were put in official police vehicle with fair orphan, "Why do you do business according to your head? Do not take him, "What do you do," he said, claiming that orphanage was brought to bottom of wall in front of outpost, Cihangir argued that such a thing never happened.

In meantime, President of Court, "Imam, imam was called naked, performed about procedure. Then he was put in car or not? We're trying to investigate truth here. Tell us without hiding anything. Has it been a thousand? Who put it down, who put it on, just orphaned? If you're an intelligence man, say everything. "

-"I was touted as a criminal"

The defendant, Erhan Cihangir, argued that he was touted as a criminal because he was told to download from vehicle. Cihangir, who suggested that re were conflicting witness statements about him, expressed that he did not accept accusation in this way.

The team who came with him, when he was out to go to field, told his supervisor that his feet were swollen, he asked for permission to rest Cihangir, "I couldn't stand on my feet. We've been on safe, we've been on foot for hours. Our team chief let me. I crossed front side of captured Darbblers. The gendarmerie served tea. I rested in back until our team arrived. My teammates are here, I've crossed front. I never said, "Don't take Orphan." I didn't see anybody get taken to car. The righteous orphan was naked. The people who surrendered were dressed up. Everyone's gone and Fair orphan was still naked. He would still not be naked if he was to be boarded. "

The court president, defendant who took captured Darbeci in courtroom, asked police, orphan was downloaded from vehicle. The defendants said re was no fair orphan among darbblers y took.

Erhan Cihangir, "After knowledge of imam of Righteous orphan, informed ordered supervisors. I've done my duty to end. I worked for team that revealed that Adil Ogul was a confidential imam. I'm not accepting any crimes against me. I revealed that this man was a confidential imam by doing my duty, "he said.

The trial continues with defendant's defenses.


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