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The media phenomenon of the hurricane Irma

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The media phenomenon of the hurricane Irma

The focus of television cameras has been made in united States, when worst part —at least in terms of human lives is concerned— have led west Indies

The american researchers Herbert Saffir (an engineer) and Robert Simpson (meteorologist) created in 1969, scale that measures intensity of hurricanes within a programme promoted by UN. It was to determine damage that tropical cyclone could cause in those areas where houses were built with materials little solid and, refore, susceptible of being easily destroyed by wind.

The Saffir-Simpson scale was planted in at number five. Both scientists thought that this level, with sustained winds over 250 kilometers/hour, was sufficient for a storm of gigantic dimensions raging with all that you will find to your step. It didn't make sense to set standard higher because of destructive power of a force five would not be very different than anor listed with top rating.

Irma, hurricane that has lashed Caribbean and souastern united STATES (especially Florida) causing at least thirty deaths, it has been said that it is one of most potent and devastating. Reached in Atlantic, 295 km/hour during a period of time superior to that achieved by or fearsome cyclones such as Allen (1980). The expert from Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Kerry Emanuel calculates that power of Irma is equivalent of approximately seven trillion watts, more or less half of all energy generated by pumps used in second World War.

it is Already known that in area of Atlantic from eastern gulf of Mexico to north of Caribbean sea, hurricanes are common and recurrent. Also it is proven that climate change causes extreme events (severe floods and prolonged droughts), each time with greater intensity and frequency. In Italy, after impetuous temporary that se days has resulted in seven dead, re is already talk of “tropicalización of wear.”

Appeal to citizens to pray, as did governor of Florida, Rick Scott, with advance of Irma, it is a good advice to believers, but a bad recipe for those who hope that authorities take measures with a kind of natural disasters that do not get caught by surprise. The evolution of Irma has been informed in a comprehensive manner. Your step has been narrated from minute to minute, sometimes with a vehemence of a football match of maximum rivalry.

once more, focus of television cameras has been made in united STATES, when worst part —at least in terms of human lives is concerned— have led to west Indies. The islands of St. Martin, Antigua or Barbuda are not easily locatable on map and gives impression to have become invisible to media despite fact that in some of se areas 90% of buildings and roads have been swept away. Without forgetting that climate-related disasters force every year more than 20 million people to leave ir homes all over world.

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