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The military judicial structure of the fetus in the face of the judge

Last minute news-the list of duties in the so-called martial law courts, which emerged during the coup attempt by the Fatwa terrorist organization (Feö)...

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The military judicial structure of the fetus in the face of the judge
AA Agenda News in face of judiciary in military judicial structure of fetus: 4.10.2017 14:18 In case of alleged "list of duties in martial law courts", which emerged during coup initiative of Fatwa Terrorist Organization (Feö), organization was entitled to create a military judicial structure. 136 people were tried to open hunt.

Ankara 16. In first subpoena of case, which was seen at Xinjiang prison campus, defendants and ir lawyers were present. Following identification of defendants, court President Sabahattin Sarıdoğan read a summary of 606-page indictment for approximately 3.5 hours.

Reminding defendants of accused, Sarıdoğan, said trial will continue in afternoon with defendant's defenses, he said.


Ankara Republic chief Prosecutor's Office against constitutional order of crimes perpetrated in investigation Bureau prepared and Ankara 16. In indictment adopted by Heavy Criminal tribunal, alleged "list of martial law courts" on members of military judiciary attached to secret message forms prepared by DARBECECI, and personnel named "Note 1" at end of list Part, a new task will be given in case of a coup, and a portion of task continues to be recorded.

In indictment, which was recorded as a union of ideas and actions between military wing and alleged defendants in military judiciary, National Defense Ministry is "".

The indictment stated that re was sufficient evidence that fetus had already acquired and used military judicial judges and acceptance exam questions between years of 2009-2014, while former was identified as a result of examination questions given to members of The information Technology and Communication Authority (BTK) employee Huseyin Gökhan Aydoğan is among defendants.

In indictment, defendants ' 135 "attempted violation of constitutional order" was aggravated by a life imprisonment sentence "Being a member of armed terrorist organization", "chain forgery in official document under terrorist activity" and "public institutions and organizations Claims of "chain fraud" charges of 45 years until 6 months of imprisonment are demanded.

Accused Aydoğan indictment "attempted to violate constitutional order" does not take place, while or accused of charges of imprisonment of 45 years 6 months is demanded to sentence.


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