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' The murder of the Syrian mother and her baby ' was adopted

Last minute news-in Sakarya, the investigation into the murder of a 10-month-old infant with a Syrian pregnant woman is suspected of 2 detainees...

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' The murder of the Syrian mother and her baby ' was adopted
' The murder of Syrian mor and her baby ' indictment was adopted AA Agenda news entry date: 12.10.2017 12:01 Date of renovation: 12.10.2017 12:02 in Sakarya, investigation of murder of a 10-month-old infant with a Syrian pregnant woman, as a result of 2 detainees to accommodate 3 times about suspect The indictment, prepared with a suspended life sentence, was accepted by court.

In wooded area of Sakarya's Kaynarca district, investigation of murder of 10-month-old baby woman with Syrian pregnant women, 2 detainees, 3 times aggravated life sentence prepared for indictment Accepted by court.

Sakarya 1, heavy criminal tribunal, Sakarya Republican prosecutor's office, suspects Birol Karakcal and Celal Bay has completed a review of 12-page indictment.

The court, "killing woman who is known to be pregnant", "killing a man who was conceived by a monstrous feeling and tormented by designing", "killing a person who cannot defend himself in terms of a child or body or soul", "Qualified sexual assault", "algebra threat or cheating By using person "," to conceal a crime or to conceal evidence of anor crime or not to be caught, "and" to violate property immunity as a qualified ", 3 times crimes of" qualified looting " With aggravated life, 30 years from 6 months to 50 years of imprisonment has accepted indictment requested.

Defendants will be judged on Friday, December 1st.

"It was understood that suspects acted toger" In indictment with Ministry of family and Soyal policies and wife of Syrian pregnant woman, Khalid Al-Rahmun, suspect, who was in same factory and shift, worked in same plant and in same apartment, in same building as rahmun of suspect karcal is specified.

In indictment, where suspects and Al-Rahmun discussed ir discussions on workplace, following were noted:

In case of concrete incident, it was understood that suspects had entered house of Emani Al-Rahmun by planning to rape victim, and y knocked out baby Halaf on victim's baby's crying in meantime. In addition, suspects were using algebra to stun victim Emani Al-Rahmun, and n took necklace and phone on side of his bed. Then suspects were sexually assaulted by Emani al-Rahmun, who was unconscious with baby Halaf, taking Emani al-Rahmun into forest. "

Suspects, Emani received earrings in al-Rahmun's ear, and n in indictment that y killed Emani al-Rahmun, "Baby Halaf and 9-month pregnant Emani in form of hidden on scene of bushes and weeds covered by closed In event that suspects ' declarations and report of place of disclosure were evaluated toger, among suspects on all crimes that occurred, decision to commit crimes toger between suspects and crimes committed It was understood that people who dominated toger were fixed, that suspects acted in Union of Action and ideas. "

"We think hearings won't last long" Khaled Al-Rahmun's lawyer, Jihad Gokdemir, told AA correspondent that indictment was well prepared by Prosecutor.

The indictment indicates that crimes are well-identified, " defendants are saying y are committing crime. In all its details, y're telling crime, as seen in indictment. In this sense, we do not think that hearings will take very long where two are in this way. There's a way we're missing indictment, and he's not in charge of a hate crime, even though all crimes have been classified. Hate crime in Turkey is a newly held crime. This is obviously a crime of hate, "he said.

Gokdemir, who participated in case as his acting deputy, but many NGOs such as Association of Women and Democracy (KADK) to join case by calling itself, said that many civil society organisations would be involved in case.

Event Halid al-Rahmun, a Syrian citizen living in Sakarya's Kaynarca district, did not find a 10-month-old male infant, Halaf al-Rahmun, with his pregnant wife Emani, who was not at home after his arrival on July 6, and police with gendarmerie on his report The work was initiated by teams. As a result of calls, bodies of women and babies were found in wooded area of Unity neighbourhood. Birol karcal and Celal Bay, detained in event, were arrested in court.


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