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The new mess Can: prevent and allow the 1-Or

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The new mess Can: prevent and allow the 1-Or

Argues that Autonomous "must comply with" Constitution and laws suspended

We reached yesterday a new milestone in terms of ambiguity refers to when speaking of referendum on independence of 1 October, with aim of trying to keep up at an intermediate point between separatists and Government. Irene Montero stated that Mossos must comply "to time" legality of Constitution and laws of rupture in catalonia. That is to say, that police officers prevent and permit, "to time" referendum.

The scenario, in addition to impossible manifesto, assumes umpteenth pirouette discursive we Can to avoid taking sides, in this case in favor of enforcement of court judgments and of orders of Prosecutor's office. A circumstance which yesterday verbalizó in Catalonia to bodies and security forces, among m, Mossos, to indicated that y should requisition polls in case of be placed to prevent commission of a crime.

we Can not have so clear what should be response of Mossos of such orders to make prevail Constitution and resolutions of Constitutional Court. Or, at least, avoided taking public positions on m despite repeated questions at a press conference to Montero. Until speaker took middle path. "When question of a conflict, which is political becomes a matter of legality, not allowed to give answer to political problem that exists. Is not resolved by asking Mossos if y must comply with Constitution or with laws Catalan because y must meet two at same time," she said.

Montero was more blunt when claimed that you do not put public officials in "predicament" of having to "position mselves" between Constitution and laws of autonomous community of Catalan, and claimed responsibility for dialog and a pact between political forces, because if not -he said - would be transferred to Mossos a decision that is born of "incompetence of politicians to reach an agreement."

CKD will spend a million to 1-O500 acts

The spokesman of ERC, Sergi Sabrià, said yesterday that his party will be about 500 events in 15 days of campaign for referendum of 1-O, and confirmed that he had allocated one million euros of ir own resources -without asking for appropriations - to defray election expenses. All party officials, and entities independence, will be mobilized to participate in campaign, and perform alone act of beginning ( next Thursday), central act on 22nd and final act in Barcelona (day 29).

In this sense, Montero accused PP of put "at risk" for those officials with ir "strategy judicializadora", and not only to police. So, in that line, spokesman We gave back significantly to reaction of Government to respond by court to challenge of independence raised by Government and Parliament of Catalonia, afeando without mentioning appeals brought before Constitutional Court. He said that solution does not pass through "to use judges and courts as a tool to replace politicians".

in judgment of bruises, challenge of independence is a problem "political" that you can only address and manage, from dialogue, and not by any or means, and arriving as soon as possible and in a legal fashion in a self-determination referendum in Catalonia with safeguards and with legal effect.

In his rebukes to Government yes we Can it was made clear. He was accused of be preventing Justice "act normally" and reported that he is making a "use-partisan" of institutions of State for ir commitment to discuss "a situation that is policy", in line with discourse of independence movement.

At this point, Montero climbed mule against PP and accused Government of "use" to Constitutional Court as "executor" of your "strategy judicializadora" to prevent referendum from October 1.

on or hand, spokesman of confluence with Catalan Can, Xavier Domènech, took balls outside on what should be role of Autonomous, though it did gave a message that seems more directed to government. "The most sensible thing is that in this process you can not put in risk own self-government of Catalonia or own public workers face dilemma of deciding what politicians have not solved," he said.

however, spokesman of In Common to and Can also made a reflection on desirability of a police action. "The image of a police force chasing ballots and ballot boxes is not a good image for anyone," he pointed out, asking to resolve this conflict before dialogue.


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