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The officials ask for a pay rise of 20% in three years and the 35-hour working week

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The officials ask for a pay rise of 20% in three years and the 35-hour working week

Montoro accepts a pact rise multi-annual function of economic growth

Finance proposes to officials, a salary increase linked to growth of economy

The official start of economic crisis has pushed trade unions of officials to claim a strong pay rise in this legislature. The vice-president of Central trade Union Independent and of Officials (CSIF), Francisco Churches, claimed last Thursday minister of Finance, Cristóbal Montoro, a rise of progressive salary in this legislature up to 20% and working time of 35 hours.

The CSIF, most representative union in public administrations, defends " need to reach a pact of legislature to recover progressively purchasing power lost during crisis, union figure of around 20%," he says. The initial approach, which must be considered a maximum, that is to recover that 20% in 2018, 2019 and 2020, which implies an annual increase of over 6%, versus 1% approved for 2017.

of This increase is considered unaffordable by Government is incompatible with need for budgetary adjustment and not to give a signal of inmoderación wage to private sector, but government itself accepts to rise from 2018 above current 1%.

in Addition, "for union is essential to 35-hour week", added a spokesman, who recalled that re are already agreements to recover this non-business hours in various autonomous communities and town councils and that Ministry should, in his opinion, to favor.

Montoro, for his part, raised to trade union representatives in meeting that agree to negotiate a rise in multi-annual of salaries of public servants that is linked to growth of economy. "Do not assume that if GDP grows 2.5%, salaries of officials would go up automatically by 2.5%; what Government wants is to take into account GDP growth, oil prices and a series of economic indicators that are not inflation", say union sources.

For its part, sources from Ministry of Finance will be submitted to next meeting to finalize proposal put on table and rated encounter of Montoro last Thursday as a "first meeting".

The CSIF raised to minister Zapatero slashed salary of public employees a 5% only in 2010 and not only just recover everything you lost in crisis but that agreement must imply that you will never lose purchasing power. With prospect of Rajoy will not exhaust legislature, Government and trade unions have an interest in letting moored notwithstanding a covenant of salary until 2020.

UGT coincides with CSIF, according to Europa Press, in that wage increases should remain linked to growth of inflation, which rejects Government after ir act of desindexación of economy.

Montoro moved to trade unions that Government want an agreement with public employees prior to filing on 22nd day of draft State Budget of 2018. The unions are hoping a meeting this week with secretary of State of Public Function, Elena Collado, you may specify your offer multi-year salary increase.

For his part, minister for Employment, Fatima Báñez omitted issue of wages in his statement to board of directors of employers of madrid, CEIM, but he stressed that it is about to meet forecast government of creating half a million jobs this year. "In last 12 months have been created 610,000 were jobs between January and August of 460,000, very close to target of half a million for whole of 2017," he said.

The president of CEIM and vice president of CEOE, Juan Pablo Lazaro, said that Spain does not have a problem of wages and he accepted that he must go up, but focused problem in labour cost, so he called for a lowering of Social Security contributions. Lazarus recalled with nostalgia "courageous" labour market reform of 2012 and asked Báñez retrieve that path reformer.



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