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The Ombudsman discovers how to wear make-up waiting lists in the andalusian health

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The Ombudsman discovers how to wear make-up waiting lists in the andalusian health

A patient of Hospital Virgen del Rocío was operated for a disc herniation 16 months after entering on waiting list

The intervention that I needed is contained in contained in Decree guarantees a turnaround time of surgical, in this case 180 days

The Defender of Town Andalusian, has discovered a suspected case of makeup on waiting lists of Service Andalusian of Health, as a result of processing of complaint of a patient which he alleged that he had not been involved in a herniated disc despite that it had already been more than a year since it was inscribed on list of Virgen del Rocío Hospital of Seville.

Finally, he was operated on 16 months after registration on waiting list, despite fact that intervention that I needed to figure among those included in annex I of Decree 201/2001, of 18 September, which sets warranty response time surgery in Public Health System of Andalusia, which in this case is a maximum of 180 days. The patient informed Ombudsman that she suffered from important pain and that was ingesting enough medication, so he was interested also about possibility of being involved in a health centre with private office to public health.

The office of Jesús Maeztu says on its website that, under response report of hospital, reflects that delay in intervention of interested party is motivated "by a change in ir status on waiting list, on which he spent to a temporary suspension, following an appearance in emergency room for severe pain that she suffered, of what should have been derived for an appointment for re-evaluation clinic".

however, Ombudsman accurate n that does nothing to indicate that citation occurred and that report does not explain why petitioner happened to suspension after an urgent care at that "apparently only notes that ailment that he suffers and that needs to be intervened cause of pain". In addition, it highlights that this performance occurred at a time when it had already exceeded warranty period for response, and that, refore, "cannot justify non-compliance of same."

This response came after Defender of Town Andalusian, as a result of complaint of this patient, formulate a resolution to Hospital Virgen del Rocio in recommendation to take organisational measures necessary to respect maximum term provided by law for practice of surgical interventions.

In its resolution, Ombudsman pointed out that substantial delay in surgical intervention of this patient "is not only clearly proven, but also it is openly acknowledged in administrative report". "Evidence of this breach of a commitment made to support interventions in that period, to which that Administration, or even to pronounce it, because anything he brings to justify it", he adds.

Sources of Sindicato médico Andalusian has been explained to this newspaper that what happened with this patient, not only is "a crude form of makeup of waiting lists" in Service Andalusian of Health (SAS), since that has been penalized by mere fact of going to emergency room -something that also happens with many or patients-but is also "completely contrary to a professional attitude".


In recent months, Union Doctor of Seville has claimed to have evidence that " data provided by SAS on waiting lists surgical are false", so that actual time that you expect a patient from that you should be involved until finally it is, is much higher than that officially recognizes Board. According to union, "deception is done through a system of incentives, perverse and makeup routine statistical data".

Among examples of procedures used by SAS to make up lists of expected points, in first place, pressures on family doctors to y take patients to specialist, with aim of delay arrival of patient to specialized assistance, which delays surgical indication in those cases in which it is required.

In second place, once, finally, patient is seen by specialist, he states that re are various ways in which actual waiting is hidden. "The SAS hidden important information, such as time that has elapsed since patient makes test until you get corresponding report and time that it takes to be seen again by specialist. These deadlines are usually months and sometimes more than a year."

below, ensures that medical specialists are also under pressure through different procedures in order not to include patients on waiting lists. "In addition, re are filters that make it difficult to include such information, filters that are often overseen by ir own chiefs, who come to draw from list of waiting patients that doctors had included in it".

finally stands out among examples of makeup fact that when patient is finally included in a waiting list, months after having met for first time to doctor, re are also various ways to falsify wait times real: "So, if anaestist considers that patient needs a revision of heart disease prior to being intervened, time spent on such a review is not posted. If it offers patient possibility of being involved in a centre or than his own and refuses transfer, you pass it on to tail of list, that is to say, as if it would be included. And if a center's waiting list is excessive, and patients are assigned to a hospital concluded (private) to be operated on, y all leave be counted in waiting list, although still missing months for intervention".



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