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The penalty for the former president of Konyaspor '

Atiker Konyaspor Former President Ahmet Şan about ' Bylock ' The indictment was prepared for his alleged use. Şan and #39; in, & #39; The 18-page indictment of the armed terror organization and #39, prepared with a sentence of up to 15 years of imprisonment, was accepted by the Criminal Tribunal for 2 & #39;

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The penalty for the former president of Konyaspor '
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In Konya, organization's ' Bylock ' communication program under scope of Fedö/Pdy investigation, a day after statement of Republican prosecutor's office on August 21, presidency of President of Atiker Konyaspor resigned from post about Ahmet Şan , indictment was prepared by Republican prosecutor's office. Prime Minister of Konya Mayor Ak party Tahir Akyürekın's bror-in-law, ' armed terrorist organization of members ' accused of imprisonment for up to 15 years for a sentence of 18-page ' 2017/11649 ' is main indictment, 2nd heavy Criminal Tribunal Accepted by court. The indictment stated that ' Bylock ' was found to be among evidence in report and that phone number ending with 9701 was determined that more than 20 ' bylock ' were used. In his testimony, he suggested that he did not install and use ' Bylock himself. In a press conference after his resignation, ' bylock ' used phone, which was General Directorate of Company of Kombassan Holding 11 years, said that it belonged to Kompen, ' ' About me investigation and 2015 years I found out that re was an alleged Bylock entry in a 3-week period in September, 2014, on a phone that was registered to company I worked with until June. If I call my lawyer, I'll put my lawyer on court to get my statement. I told him that I had two phones I used to use, and that I used to be in my house and that I had never destroyed, and I could bring it. At that moment, safety units were given instructions. Three computers, including 3 phones in my house and my children, were taken to investigate, ' ' he explained. The trial of arrested Ahmet Şan will begin in coming days.


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