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The PNV threatens to cut down the Budget if the Government exceeds in Catalonia

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The PNV threatens to cut down the Budget if the Government exceeds in Catalonia

Pedro Sanchez offers "more self-government in Catalonia" to curb challenge secessionist

The Government urges Puigdemont to convene elections if you want to make a legal consultation

The PNV has threatened Government to withdraw its parliamentary support to Budgets of 2018, if Executive responds in a way that is "exacerbated" challenge of independence in Catalonia. Something that undoubtedly would compromise approval of accounts and its stability.

spokesman for The PNV in Congress, Aitor Esteban, has stated that "respond to topic of Catalonia to push certain lines and levels would complicate relationship that we have with PP". "You know that all over world and, for a start, Government," he warned.

The relationship of parliamentary between PP and PNV is good and fluid, and to Mariano Rajoy is essential, for without your support it would lose majority in Congress that has next to Cs, DC and New Canary. However, warning of basque nationalists, arrives at a key moment in which you start to occur first responses of State to different initiatives of independence, and in which it is unknown what may be police response.

spokesman for The PNV has avoided specify what measures would be considered "extreme" and disproportionate, and has preferred to opt for to send warning and n hide in that was not going to get ahead of game. "Little by little", he said, "let's see how things go, how it developed and what it is that makes each one".

Asked specifically if y would consider a red line disqualification or suspension from public office, as it may be against members of Government or Table of Parlament, Stephen also has cleared up matter and has avoided comment. "Don't want to do Rappelling," he insisted, leaving in air any concretion on his threat to complicate Budgets.

In regards to political conflict itself, PNV has returned to defend that Catalonia could vote in a referendum and legal guarantees, as I would like, at Basque country if re was a social demand.

PP is not seeing problems with PNV around Budgets of 2018 Video: EFE

For his part, spokesman of Grupo Popular, Rafael Hernando, has been removed iron to a possible conflict with PNV in around budgets. "Or scrape risks on horizon that have to do with ir approval". According to Hernando, both PP Government and PNV are in "law enforcement".

Despite warning made by basque nationalists, Hernando has ensured that it maintains with this group a "permanent dialogue" without interruption since negotiation of budget of 2017. This is, has pointed out, a referendum was "illegal". "That Puigdemont I would have done what he did Ibarretxe, come to Chamber to explain reasons for ir approach. It is not a problem for us but Puigdemont".

The leader has ensured that president of Generalitat, "when law does not like, is not willing to fulfill it". This, he said, is " principle which once gave rise to totalitarianism". The PNV, has insisted, "is not re, but to defend democracy, Constitution and rule of Law".

Irene Montero, at a press conference at Congress. | EFEPodemos: Mossos must comply "to time" Constitution and law on Catalan

we Can give back to judicial response of Government facing challenge of independence of government and of Parliament of Catalonia. Irene Montero has accused PP of being "using" Constitutional Court as "executor" of a strategy judicializadora to prevent reférendum 1 October.At a press conference at Congress, Montero has spurned resources that are instituting Executive of Mariano Rajoy against decisions of Government and of Parliament pointing out that is preventing Justice "act normally". So, has recriminat to Government which is striving to give an answer through courts instead of sitting down to talk with Carles Puigdemont to facilitate a consultation on self-determination of Catalonia, with legal backing and guarantees.The spokesman of Can has insisted on criticizing "use-partisan," which in his opinion is doing PP of State institutions and of ir commitment to discuss "a situation that is policy". "The solution makes most sense not to use judges and courts as a tool to replace politicians", he said.At same time, Montero has avoided to give a clear way on what role should play Autonomous to enforce judicial decisions. And is that Prosecution has urged today to all bodies and security forces, among m polícia Catalan, to pursue acts that facilitate referendum illegal 1-O. To spokesman of Can, Mossos must meet "at once" with Constitution and with laws Catalan, despite fact that right now re is an obvious shock that makes m incompatible. "When question of a conflict, which is political becomes a matter of legality, not allowed to give answer to political problem that exists. Is not resolved by asking Mossos if y must comply with Constitution or with laws Catalan because y must meet two at same time," he said. Hence claiming an agreement so that you do not have to choose.Montero has insisted that you can not put "at risk" to public officials nor in "predicament" of having to "stance" by "incompetence of politicians to reach an agreement". In front of this, has demanded a referendum for independence as soon as possible. If it were "already", in your opinion, better than after 1 of October.



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