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The Prosecutor's office ordered to Ragman that the Mossos “requisen polls”

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The Prosecutor's office ordered to Ragman that the Mossos “requisen polls”

The public ministry explained, in a statement, actions of police before referendum

The Prosecutor of Catalonia has ordered to greater of Mossos d'esquadra, Josep Lluís Trapero, as well as to Guardia Civil and National Police in Catalonia and, to prevent "perpetration of crime", "requisen polls" and all equipment used to prepare and hold referendum on October 1.

After a meeting this afternoon with Ragman and officers of Civil Guard in Catalonia, Angel Gozalo, and of National Police force, Sebastián Trapote, Prosecutor's office has issued a press release in which it orders all units of judicial police act before any act executed by authorities, officials or "private individuals in collusion with those" intended to prepare for and celebrate "referendum on self-determination illegal."


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In a statement of nine pages, public Prosecutor Superior of Catalonia recalls repeated pronouncements of Constitutional Court (TC) on illegality of referendum. The text gives details to all police officers about how y should act "in all cases of acts that are executed by authorities, public officials or private individuals led to preparation of referendum". The cops should "take necessary measures to intervene effects or instruments intended to prepare for or to celebrate referendum illegal, requisando polls, electoral envelopes, instruction manuals for members of electoral tables, printed electoral, electoral propaganda, information technology items, as well as any or material for dissemination, promotion, or implementation of referendum illegal."

The Prosecution adds that, if for any of se actions is required by court order, police must bring it immediately in your knowledge. And remember that Mossos d'esquadra, -like Guardia Civil and National Police - as  Judicial Police, are required to follow instructions y receive from Prosecutor for purposes of investigation of crimes and prosecution of criminals.

The meeting, held at headquarters of Prosecutor's office of catalonia, has barely lasted half an hour. None of police officers has made representations or to input or to output of meeting, which has been attended by government prosecutor of Catalonia, José María Romero de Tejada, and his number two, lieutenant prosecutor Francisco Bañeres.

" absolute priority of The Government of Catalonia to mobilize troops in fight against terrorism", said spokesman for Catalan Government, Jordi Turull, when asked about order of Prosecutor's office.


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